Player Spotlights

CMC & MT (wk2)

If you’re 2-0 but are worried, Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey are amazing players to go get using over-performing talent. Not everyone will be able to steal these injured studs away in every league, but I get enough “Ask Smitty” questions each week to know that Thomas and CMC are cheaper than most think. In the eyes of their owners, who are probably 0-2, it’s trade or lose time. It’s “best offer gets him” territory, and if you sit around, Bill from accounting will swoop in and grab either. I’d give up an Allen Robinson for either, a James Robinson whos playing well. Even smarter, a Jk Dobbins and MT for your Chubb. Post your ideas on the forums!

Allen/Moss/Brown/Diggs (wk2)

The Bills are likely to blast the Dolphins early and often in Week 2, and I fully expect a fantasy eruption from Josh Allen, John Brown, Stefon Diggs and especially Zack Moss. I'm not suggesting Singletary can't get in the mix for good production in this one, but Allen and Moss are my favorite Bill players that are surely going to have huge, huge opportunities in Week 2. Moss could get 100 total yards and have a nice shot at a score, while Allen is a decent bet for a 3TD game with well over 50 yards rushing. Oh, and John Brown feels safe for 70 and a strong shot at a score. Josh Allen loves Brown!

Scotty Miller (wk2)

If you need a start this week, with Godwin out, Golladay out, MT out... the list goes on and on. Well, if you need a start, Scotty Miller is one of Brady's favorite targets already in TB, and he should be setup nicely in Week 2 with Godwin out. I would call him a decent bet for 10 points in PPR on a bad day. He has the upside for 90 and 1TD, too.

Chubb/Mixon/Hunt (wk2)

If you have Joe Mixon and Nick Chubb, don't over think it tonight on Thursday Night. I am worried about both, and if you own either and they do go off tonight, think strongly about selling high, as both offenses are very inconsistent looking and this could lead to some major ups and downs all year long. Tonight's Thursday Night football game between the Bengals and Browns could very well be low scoring and help eliminate any trade value.. that's the risk taken by not trading these guys now. Not everyone is willing to trade for them, though... so, you are starting Mixon and Chubb. You have to... the match-up, though, might just allow both rushing attacks to perform. If Hunt does badly, however, buying low on him makes some sense heading into Week 3. If you want Projections for tonight, here is my stab at it: Mixon could have 85 total yards and I'd guess a 60% chance of a TD... Chubb could see 75 total yards and 50% chance of a TD... Hunt could see 60-80 total yards and 50% chance at the score.

Terry McLaurin (wk2)

I love the buy-low value of Terry McLaurin right now. The dude is still top 12-14WR capable in my mind, and knee-jerk reactions from Week 1 have him sitting nicely as a low-key trade target for those looking for a secret weapon WR1 in waiting. He's a must-start in all leagues as a WR3 or flex, but he has WR2 value and appeal, no question.

Jonathan Taylor (wk2)

With the injury to Marlon Mack (torn Achilles), Jonathan Taylor is now a starter. Yes, he shares the role with Nyheim Hines, and you could easily argue Hines is the 1a given his grip on passing work; however, Taylor has low-end RB1 appeal already. But, most will expect much less, and if you buy at that lower expectation, there is still a ton of ceiling value to be had via trade with this guy. I'd buy low at every turn enter Week 2, and I start him in all formats moving forward.

Michael Thomas (wk2)

It's tough to predict how long Mike Thomas will be out with the high ankle sprain. These things can be 2-3 weeks at a minimum, and the most severe cases can be 5-6 weeks. We don't have too much concrete info, and this wouldn't surprise me if it went either of these two ways... 1) It turns out he is recovering much faster than expected and he comes back much sooner than people feared, and this would be 2-3 week territory... 2) It could hold him out 3-4 weeks and even upon his return he's hampered for 3 or so weeks. This is football. And, it's only going to get worse I'm afraid. This season, with no preseason and a limited off-season for strength training and conditioning, could be the biggest injury-plagued season we've seen in some time. If you can weather the storm, consider buying low on Mike Thomas. His owners could be freaking out. Note: T. Smith and E. Sanders will get extended run at WR if you need one in Week 2.

Mike Evans (wk2)

I can't tell you how many messages I've received on Mike Evans after his disappointing Week 1 outing. I have answered a combination of about 200 comments/emails/DMs on the guy and his "dud" week 1. Look, the dude was all over the field busting his but. He had over 80 yards in pass interference that you could easily say should have been his, and we'd be telling a very different story coming out of Week 1 had he not been interfered with because he's just flat-out too dominate for defenders to manhandle. Doubt him if you want, but with Chris Godwin in the concussion protocol, Evans walks into Week 2 with huge, huge upside (top 5WR upside), and fantastic buy-low appeal.

Kenyan Drake

According to reports, Cardinals RB Kenyan Drake (foot) was not listed on the team's injury report. This is great news, as the runner was spotted in a walking boot in late August... He is a top 6-10RB in 2020 if he stays healthy, as that Cards offense is setup to make its starting RB thrive. Since being traded to the Cardinals midseason in 2019, not many running backs were better than Drake.. he was top 5 from Week 9 on in most scoring formats. That's a huge sample size.

I actually was on ESPN, kinda, on this topic:

James Robinson / Chris Thompson

After the release of Leonard Fournette, fantasy owners ran to waiver wires to scoop up Armstead.. he isn't even in the picture anymore. No, the starter in JAC is now James Robinson, and he should be picked up in all leagues if for any reason he's sitting on waivers. Now, Chris Thompson will still get plenty of work, especially in the PPR game, but Thompson can never stay healthy... so while Thompson is a serious Week 1 threat to Robinson's opportunity, as he is named the starter according to some reports... it is only a matter of time before Thompson is hurt. Robinson is the guy to own here, and if in a jam, he isn't an awful play. He's risky, know that, but he has some appeal and should get some volume.


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