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"I heard you say Singletary’s name so many times the last 2 months that my wife said I was saying his name in my sleep. Thanks for everything Smitty I’m really enjoying the prep and research involved this season. Like never before. SleeperU! "- Jay, Sept 1, 2019

"Smitty, You did it again, Devin Singletary will be a beast and you called [it] in your Bold Predictions. Great Job."- Ray, August 30, 2019

"Fournette’s down year, Cooper's resurgence, Golladay & Mahomes breaking out have one thing in common..... Smittys Bold Predictions list for 2018!!"- Coolhand, January 2, 2019

"I know for sure that if I didn't pick up Conner (and Samuels) after all of the Bell drama (as a Bell OWNER), I would NOT have made the finals of my Dynasty Fantasy Football league. I owe that all to Smitty and SleeperU."- Richard T, January 2, 2019

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"That’s 4 titles In 5 years with your help. This site is the best kept secret around! Cheers!"- Ctbarbee, 2018

"Smitty at SleeperU was on point with his 2018 player sleeper picks! Smitty's track record with player sleeper picks is second to none!"- Darrin, January 2, 2019

"8 consecutive Super Bowl appearances with 4 trophies using SleeperU!"- Chucks, January 2, 2019

"Listening to Smitty’s call on Fournette busting helped win me a championship. Thank you Smitty!!!!- Sludge, January 2, 2019

"Fantasy Footballer's need to know that you are unbelievable in your player calls and bold predictions. It is like you have a De Lorien and you came back from the future with a "Gray's Almanac". Your ability to sift through the NFL players to find the gems that will win you championships is remarkable. You have done it yet again in 2018! Keep feeding us the wining information.- Ray W., January 1, 2019

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"Smitty’s bold predictions have landed me superstars like DeAndre Hopkins & David Johnson, leading me to 3 league titles and 6 championship games.” Bashman, Loyal Follower Since 2008

fantasy football review wins league

"I won my league. I’ve been using your website for several years.”
- Brett H

“Smitty's 1-on-1 Advice led me to two championships. I was able to steal DeAndre Hopkins in my auction draft when everyone else was down on him. Thanks Smitty.”- Nick, 2018

“Your Todd Gurley prediction was money!"- Adam, 2018

“I just won 2 Superbowls today. A lot of my decisions came on your advice so I would just like to say thank you.” - BadPig40, 2018

"I won two championships and finished runner up two times. I give you a lot of credit as I picked up players before others knew of them... I also drafted based on your rankings!" - James E., 2018

"I won the league. Thanks for all the help. SleeperU is without a doubt the best site!" - Andrew M., 2018

"Your projections are incredibly accurate. After each weekend, I go back to see which site's projections were the most accurate and your site is running away with it." - mlang, 2018

"Your fantasy football advice is impeccable!"- Abe, 2018

"This site helped me take my game to a whole new level after really learning how to find insane VALUE in drafts. Smitty is a pioneer..." - Rmadrid86, 2018

"Looking forward to my 4th Super Bowl title in 5 years thanks to your FF knowledge." - Ky, 2018

"Just when I think you can't add something else to make this site better, thenyou go and do this (speaking to our Player Pages Feature)? I will say that the Player Pages) are epic..... Everything you could want in one stop!" - slimkilla99, July 3rd, 2018

"Okay so Player Pages are awesome! No joke it may become the feature I use the most on this site. It has everything you need all in one place!"
- JKnighton, July 3rd, 2018

"Well @Smitty, I just took a sneak peek at the Player Pages and I must say you never fail to impress me. I love how you give your take on player news. The breakdown on each player that you give on the outlook feature is fanflippingtastic... as I read each player outlook I feel like I’m listening to you critique each player as we throw a few beers back at the bar. Great stuff!!! I’m so looking forward to reading more."
- sludgejudge, July 3rd, 2018

"The Godfather delivering perfectly (speaking to our Player Pages Feature added in 2018), as usual!"
- GuinnessIsGoodForYou, July 3rd, 2018

"Smitty this is AWESOME (speaking to our Player Pages Feature added in 2018)! This is truly fantasy goodness...all the info anyone needs in one spot!"
- Anthony, July 3rd, 2018

"Made the superbowl in my league 3 out of the last 4 years since I've been following the site. You guys are awesome!"
- Jim C., June 14th, 2018

"Thanks Smitty. Love the articles and love the deep analysis of the rookies coming out every year. I am a contender every year because of it!"
- Jay, May 8th, 2018

"Smitty, you made me a winner came in 1st place in my fantasy football league last season, looking forward to this year."
- Charlie R., April 29th, 2018

"I won two championships and finished runner up two times. I give you a lot of credit as I picked up players before others knew of them... I also drafted based on your rankings!"
- James E., December 26th, 2017

"That’s three titles In four years with your help. This site is the best kept secret around! Cheers!"
- Ctbarbee, December 26th, 2017

"I won my league for the first time. A competitive league that’s been playing for 11 years. Thanks for all the information. I’ve been using your website for several years. Thanks man. It’s been a fun year."
- Brett Harrison, December 26th, 2017

"I won the league. Thanks for all the help. SleeperU is without a doubt the best site."
- Andrew M., December 26th, 2017

"I just won 2 Superbowls today. A lot of my decisions came on your advice so I would just like to say thank you."
- BadPig40, December 25th, 2017

"Your projections are incredibly accurate. After each weekend, I go back to see which site's projections were the most accurate and your site is running away with it."
- mlang, October 2017

"Smitty, you have won many many championships. I have been a huge fan way back when you gave the bold prediction of a backup running back named Arian Foster, and another Ray Rice. My advice to anyone who questions your bold calls, Smitty has the track record to win you championships!"
- Ray Wilga, September 2017

"Smitty, I should have listened about your pre-season Tarik Cohen prediction. "
- buffaloblizzard, September 2017

"I didn't think much of Tarik Cohen but added him [before Week 1 kickoff] because of Smitty's email this morning. This guy looks great!"
- JKnighton_9, September, 2017

"Your fantasy football advice is impeccable!"
- Abe, September, 2017

"Thanks again, Smitty. You are the man. I love SleeperU and tell most of my friends about you. Unless we're in the same league. Then I don't."
- Badpig40, August 2017

"This site helped me take my game to a whole new level after really learning how to find insane VALUE in drafts. Smitty is a pioneer..."
- Rmadrid86, July 2017

"Looking forward to my 4th Super Bowl title in 5 years thanks to your FF knowledge."
- Ky, July 2017

"I’m seriously impressed with everything about this site."
- Sean, July 2016

"Your Todd Gurley, Derek Carr, and Jarvis Landry predictions were money!"
- Adam, 2016

"Um, yeah, already the best fantasy tools ever!"
- FFfanGB, 2016

"This website is like clean linens on the bed!"
- Swampies, 2016

"I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite features of any fantasy football site out there! (Speaking to our new Fantasy Football Stock Market)"
- Seth Kaufman, June 2016

"I've now been on this site for a couple of weeks I've learned more here in that time than the previous twenty years. Everyone is super helpful and the insight is unbelievable. I certainly feel quietly-confident as we near our live drafts here in the U.K.. Well done and thank you!! And, please use this in your testimonials if you wish..."
- MrCF, June 2016

"Seriously I’m already a fan of SleeperU and now this? Wow, can’t wait! (Speaking to our new Fantasy Football Stock Market)"
- Sean Connors, June 2016

"Smitty has created a cult for fantasy football. Once you start reading the info on his site, you can't stop reading. The information flows often and early. Best value on the net hands down!"
- Reisssox, June, 2016

"Thanks Smitty for creating this place! It's a great place to talk about football & life!"
- Coolhand, June, 2016

"I do have to say, the "Upside Board" or 'Bold Predictions' players that @Smitty has put out over the years helped make my team what it is. Going back over some moves I made - many of my big deals came from players Smitty targeted. I traded for Victor Cruz before he was anyone's radar, traded for Lamar Miller when his stock was low within days of him going on the Upside Board, drafted Arian Foster with a mid-round pick before he was a starter - just to name a few. I went 14-0 in 2011 and was the top scoring team 4 of the last 7 years."
- Hawk 12, April 2016

"The best forums on the internet!"
- mahonebayhitmen, January 2016

"Congrats Smitty (on launching SleeperU), please post my testimonial. Not one word is exagerated. Wow... where do I begin? I have been getting QUALITY advice from Smitty and his horde since 2008. The redraft advice is always thoroughly considered. BUT, it is the DYNASTY advice that is particularly helpful. Thanks to Smitty and company, I am working on my 5th-straight Super Bowl appearance in one of my dynasty leagues. I should have won my 3rd consecutive championship last year, had Andrew Luck not tanked in week 16. Smitty has predicted the rise of Victor Cruz, Arian Foster and Russell Wilson to name just a few. To say that he is way ahead of the curve is an understatement. Please, please, please come join our friendly community!"
- ChuckeyCharles, September 2016

Even more Reviews from previous years...

“SleeperU rules so much I had to unfriend anyone I knew in my league on Facebook. Sorry, but this is a site that can’t be shared among fellow owners in my league because it’s that good!”
- Dave Sloan, 2013

“Firstly, thank you… Your pre-draft and weekly advice is top notch. You provide the angles needed to be a fantasy football savage! Drafting Josh Gordon in middle rounds was priceless! Julian Thomas, etc… your weekly dissection is like a surgeon. Big UPS Smitty; I enjoyed the ride and can’t wait for next year!”
- Biggie, Decemeber, 2013

“Great site Smitty. Loved the content and forums all year. Can’t wait to see the new 2014 layout. Always told myself I would never pay for a site but I have made an exception for this one.”
- TD_Vulture, December, 2013

“Smitty… another great year. See you again in ’14… I can’t wait to see your early ’14 rankings!”
- Cablejacks, December, 2013

“Thanks for all the hard work this year smitty. I got one championship and one third-place finish in three leagues, so I am pretty happy.”
- RonJenkins, December, 2013

“Thanks for a great season smitty. Looking forward to the [DraftCalc] offseason.”
- boobam13, December, 2013

“Thank you, Smitty for having Orange Julius Thomas
on your top 10 list. Picked him up in my
14 team draft…was last team to pick a TE.
Even my Yahoo! draft report card was making
fun of me! Now I look like a genius! Sweet.”
- alexahnod, September, 2013

“Name another site out there that boldly had Julius Thomas as a top 5 TE heading into week one? I’m a broncos fan and even I didn’t see that one coming! One of the many reasons I love this site!”
- hank5, September, 2013

“I wasn’t happy with my draft, so I looked to DC Nation for advice. Smitty suggested a bold trade that got me back on track. Giving up Jimmy Graham & Le’Veon Bell for Jared Cook & Julio Jones was exactly what my team needed. After Cook’s Week 1 breakout party, DraftCalc.com has me smiling ear-to-ear. Thanks!”
- MusicCityMayhem, September, 2013

“Smitty and crew, This is truly the best site in the history of fantasy football. Simple yet complex. All levels of knowledge, so there is a benefit to all. Thank you. Time to draft and become playoff bound!”
- Biggie Smalls is the Hillis, August, 2013

“Love the site!! I am a long time fantasy player that NEVER pays for fantasy sites. Until now! Love the advice love the writing love the BOLDness!!”
- todrobinson, July, 2013

“I totally dominated my league last year after finding your site Smitty, and using your upside guide to pick the RB sleepers… using the [draftcalc] upside board last year I picked Julio Jones, AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant and Randall Cobb… Trust in Smitty.”
- DangerBird, July, 2013

“Hey Smitty, Just wanted to take the chance to say that this site is a must visit for me daily. Your predictions have me pumped for this season. Thanks for the work you put in…so worth it!”
- ty_hod, July, 2013

“I held out, I really did. I thought I’d get by w/out joining, that I’d just hang out in the forum. But I was fighting a losing battle. I finally joined DraftCalc and happy to be aboard. I’ve got some catching up to do on all the articles. Smitty, the site looks fantastic!”
- Prestige_Worldwide, June, 2013

“Great read Smitty!!! Love the way you look at things. Please, Keep these articles coming.”
- Gold Soundz, June, 2013

“Hi, I am from Germany and I am a big fan of Smitty and his analyses. I follow his work closely and try to target players he is high on. Looks like this guy really knows a lot about FF and for somebody like me who is far away from the action Smitty is a real help to upgrade my chances to win my leagues or at least make the playoffs. Thanks Smitty for your excellent work. Keep going. Regards from Germany!”
- Dieter, June, 2013

“Used your free access last year to get 1st and second in both my leagues! Best fantasy site out there, and only one I would pay for… keep up the good work!”
- tmak73, June, 2013

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Smitty handed me 3 consecutive championships in a 16 team keeper league, by having me draft Adrian Peterson with the 4th overall selection (that year, each team only had two keepers, so I had plenty of studs to choose from).”
- Troy_Polamalyourass, April, 2013

“I remember getting laughed at for taking Graham 1.6 that year in my rookie fa draft.. jokes on them.”
- LukeB5301, April, 2013

“I also want to appreciate the fact that this site is so up to date with projections, rankings, fresh content……..all year. There’s a reason why I check this site daily, cause I know there’s always something new to chew over, with stellar content that is bold, yet prudently reasoned.”
- whansen1202, April, 2013

“Smitty’s call on Cruz won me a couple of championships two seasons ago, that and Jimmy Graham. I’ve been laughed and had eyebrows raised over picks and trades, but it’s all worth it at the end of the season.”
- tmoney, April, 2013

“Smitty, this is a family you’ve created. It’s a tight family that creates the best homegrown opinions with respect and hard love… There is no other site like this one that tells you like it is!”
- Swampies, April, 2013

“This is great Smitty. I have always enjoyed your projections and look forward to the advice given. I got 1st place and 2nd place last year on both of my pay leagues by following your site. I also went undefeated in my ultra-active Dynasty league by using your advice!!!”
- Madness741, February, 2013

“I think all fantasy players like to think they have a “secret weapon” and this site is mine.”
- Jwn, February, 2013

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank the man who is responsible for me having Russell Wilson and Victor Cruz and others I have forgotten. Wish I had jumped on Arian Foster (referring to 2010 predictions by Smitty). I drafted Wilson with the 3.09 in this year’s rookie draft. I got Cruz last year in week 1… This is the place to be. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!”
- chuckeycharles, January, 2013

“2012 was my first year with Fantasy Football and when I came across the Draft Calc site — it instantly became the site I didn’t want my competitors to know about. Smitty and his team have made this site complete, user friendly and concise with up-to-date information all year round. In fact, I check this site more than my email, Facebook and Twitter combined!”
- CM Zap, January, 2013

“Smitty I used your rankings daily as a guide when making trades. I also used your weekly starts as well as preseason thoughts on who to draft. The end result was making the play-offs in six of seven leagues. I made it to three finals and won two. Best site, advice and overall community on the web! Thanks. “
- John-ODB, January, 2013

“If you want bold you want DraftCalc. Trade advice like no other, DraftCalc helps you build dynasties.”
- TexasBornCowboysFan, January, 2013

“I have used many sites and many magazines as my draft material in the past. Draft Calc is all I needed this year. I was top 4 in 5 of my 6 cookie leagues, while winning 2…..Trade advice, rankings, trade calculator, mock drafts, weekly start advice…this site has it all!!! Thanks Smitty!!!”
- Reisssox, January, 2013

“I can honestly say this site is miles ahead if others. The articles, rankings, and forums are second to none. If you want to win it all this is the place that will get you there. Great work Smitty!!”
- andr3wl, January, 2013

“Draftcalc good…other sites bad…you wanna be good?”
- FarFromHome, January, 2013

“I owe a great deal of gratitude to this Smitty and site for my success this season. And to be fair, I owe an equal amount of my success to a man named Matt Waldman, of the Footballguys website. Some of you may know of him. I hope I am not breaking some unspoken rule by mentioning some other site, but it all ties in together. Smitty, I apologize in advance if I have. I finished 12-2 in a twelve team standard scoring league. We start 1 QB, 2 RB.s, 3 WR.s, and 1 Flex. TE is considered a WR in our format. It is a league that has been ongoing for 22 years, a lot of experienced seasoned guys here, a very competitive league. I have been fortunate to have won this league 5 (now 6) times. I am usually in the playoffs and thus draft at the end of the first round each year. For years, I was a Stud RB guy, then moved on to a VBD guy. A few years ago, I was looking for something different as I felt that I was always getting the lower end of the RB talent with my first picks, and then the lower end of the WR talent when my pick came around again. I was still winning, but it seemed like it was a struggle each year. 3 years ago, I heard Waldman discussing an “upside down” draft strategy This theory was different, and I liked it. Basically, it is a stud WR draft strategy. While others are loading up on lower tier RB’s, grab the best WR’s early, get all your starters first and dominate that position. Then get your TE and get your QB, then load up the rest of your roster with high upside RB’s, You only need to ‘hit’ on one or two RB’s and you are set. He also states, that if a great value at RB it there, take it, don’t be locked into a strict format which makes sense. I felt this was something I liked and have utilized it the past 3 seasons. First season, I won the league. Last year, I had the league’s best record and was highest scoring team in the league, but had an off game and lost to a hot team in the 2nd round. This was working out great, but my problem was that I wasn’t doing a good job of identifying who the high upside players were going to be, especially at the RB position, and that is critical in this draft strategy.

“Now after all that, we come to DraftCalc and Smitty. I am not sure how I stumbled upon this site. I don’t have a clue. But man, I am sure glad I did. One quick look around at the information being provided, and I was hooked. Now I had a resource to hep me pick out the high upside players. Utilizing Smitty’s “Upside Board“, I not only had the best record, I crushed with a 12-2 record, next best was 9-5. I was by far the leading scoring team in the league, averaging over 100 ppg, 2nd best was 93 ppg. Then went wild in the playoffs averaging 140 ppg. I won’t list out the whole draft, but here is where Smitty had them in his Upside Board. and where I picked my main guys in the draft. I did make a trade during the draft and gave up my 1st and 6th round picks for a 2nd and 3rd round pick.

Russell Wilson 16th Round
AJ Green 3rd Round
Julio Jones 2nd Round
Dez Bryant 5th Round
CJ Spiller 8th Round
Jacquizz Rodgers 9th Round
Isaiah Pead 13th round
Brandon Marshall 4th Round
David Wilson 9th Round
Randall Cobb 11th Round
Bilal Powell 14th Round

“And a guy that I had suggested in my first post in the forums here that I suggested should be added to the Upside Board list, Alfred Morris, who I picked in round 15. So, when I was done drafting, (and I had picked T Romo as my QB, and invested the 2nd of my 2nd round picks in Jamaal Charles) I was pretty happy, and thought to myself, if this guy Smitty is right on even half of his upside picks, I am going to have an pretty nice season. And obviously, of the 11 guys I picked from the Upside List, 7 went on to be stars of my team. I’ll take that any day, any year, any season. I was able to choose my lineup each week from these guys, QB-Romo or Wilson, RB – Charles, Spiller, or Morris, WR – Jones, Green, Marshall, Bryant, and Cobb. Damn, that is a nice way to spend the season. So Smitty, I am hooked. Can’t wait for another season with you. And I do apologize, I will not share your site info with anyone I play against. But I will give you props wherever else I can. As a suggestion for next year, do some more podcasts. I went back and listened to your preseason on this past year, and again, spot on. Thanks again for your hard work and a great site.”
- DangerBird, January, 2013

“2012 was my best Fantasy Season ever and it was because of Smitty and the DraftClac family of experts — very active and informative forums is a HUGE PLUS!!! I am in 8 leagues and won 6 of them. This was my first year in the FFPC where I won my league with Smitty’s studs like CJ Spiller, Dez Bryant and Julio Jones on my roster. You set the table with your draft prep recommendations and breakout candidates, keep me level throughout the season with your weekly start’em/sit’em, and are already helping me target off-season trades in preparation for 2013.”
- lummox, January, 2013

“I would like to thank Smitty and his crew for helping me dominate in both my leagues this year. In one league I was 11-2 first seed and easily won the championship. In the other league I followed your advice and followed your breakout candidates board and got guys like cj spiller, russell wilson, dez byrant and aj green all value picks baseed on where I drafted them. In the past I have paid for magazines, draft software, paid websites. There is no question this is the best fantasy web site out there, period! I wish I could tell my friends about this site but than I wouln’t be able to dominate next year.”
- dlama, January, 2013

“Thanks to DraftCalc, I’m in the championship game in both of my leagues.”
- WhoDey, December, 2012

“This site is SO refreshing! People here are so friendly and helpful.”
- R, December, 2012

“As usual, Smitty is out in front of the rest of the fantasy football world! His projections on CJ Spiller / AJ Green / Russell Wilson / Dez Bryant was Dead ON! He is year in and year out ahead of, laughed at , question by the rest of the fantasy world, only to have those guys wishing they had listen! I highly suggest pitching your tent here. It is the boldest and most informative site in the fantasy world! The Forum is 2nd to none!”
- BDD, December, 2012

“Smitty does it again, made the call on C.J Spiller early in 2012 and he did not disappoint. Smitty and his crew of mods are as passionate about their craft as anyone. I have had the pleasure of being in two Dynasty drafts with them and it is like being live bait in a shark tank. The site in general is a God send for all things FF. Thank you for a great 2012 and looking forward to an even more successful 2013!”
- Garyzab, December, 2012

“I had previously used more than one site for years before finding DraftCalc. I joined DraftCalc in the off-season and have not looked back. For years I looked for a place to call my fantasy home without avail. I tired site after site after site. Some had great articles, some had what I considered to be pretty good rankings and some had so much content it was overwhelming at times. You had to wade through things in order find what you were looking for. Well thanks to DraftCalc, everything I was looking for in a fantasy site I found. DC has everything you need, tools, rankings, content and articles even sleepers. Smitty’s unique approach to fantasy football is refreshing. It’s all about upside here. Finding the Fosters, McCoy’s, Cam Newton, Cruz’s,Grahams, Dez and Spiller’s before they blow up. That’s how you win fantasy leagues! Getting QB/RB/WR/TE’s in the later rounds and they turn out to be every week starters! That’s Smitty’s niche, and he’s great at it! Also the forum community and the moderators at DC are top notch and the best in the business in my opinion. Quick responses to threads are one thing but when you get very educated quick responses that’s another! The members are great and top notch. Since I’m been a member I’ve started three leagues of my own with just DC members. Something I’ve never bothered with in the past. A true testimony to the quality of people at DC. To close, DraftCalc is a great place to be, you get all the information you need and the community is top notch. DC is what I’ve been trying to find for years. A top notch site with great people! Thanks to Smitty and the DC community, I don’t have to look anymore. Thank you to Smitty and all of DC for making this place my fantasy home!”
- Allen, December, 2012

“I have C.J. Spiller in all three of my leagues…. A huge reason for that is this site!! This is by far the best site on the net …. it’s the only site I will NOT tell my league mates about – lol. The forum here is top notch … lots of feedback, and usually spot on. LOVE the upside picks, most sites take the easy road … I like taking the road less traveled.”
- N_Diddy, September, 2012

“…You really have outdone yourself with this site… Literally almost every single thing I want in a fantasy site…”
- MikeOcherts, September, 2012

“Hey Smitty. I’m really happy I found this site recently. This is exactly the kind of site I have been looking for for a long time. Great content, predictions, talent evaluation, and forums. Thanks and keep up the good work!”
- Dunc182, September, 2012

“I stumbled upon this site back in June and have spent lots of time each day on it. I used Smittys -Foster, Newton Julio strategy he talked about in his first 6 burning questions article. Love this site, it’s my favorite.”
- danperk, September, 2012

“I love what you’re doing here Smitty and I am very impressed with everyone on the forums…. quick and knowledgeable responses. Thanks!”
- PoPo24, September, 2012

“Hi Smitty, Love your approach. I began looking deep into rosters a few years ago and it has transformed the way I draft and play FF. UPSIDE! I love it. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.”
- Tub Jim, September, 2012

“Love your rankings and your willingness to stray from yesterdays fossils for todays up and comers.”
- Old School, August, 2012

“I go where Smitty goes, if you wanna win fantasy football, you listen to this man…”
- slimkilla, August, 2012

“Won my league last year with your calls on Megatron, Jimmy Graham and Victor Cruz.”
- draftcalcfan, August, 2012

“..love the site. Your candid opinions are a refreshing change from a lot of the fantasy sites that won’t deviate much from one another.”
- Drew, August, 2012

“Just joined. Love the “outside the box” information and opinions. Looking forward to a great season here. “
- shive1964 , August, 2012

“So impressed with this site!”
- Joe, August, 2012

“Just found this site and I love it! “
- Doug, August, 2012

“I love this website…”
- Mike, August, 2012

“Great site … good design … well done!”
- N_Diddy, August, 2012

“Just discovered the site today and love the analysis. Finally a site that is willing to take a stand and not just recycle rankings! Looks like I have found a new go-to source for ff!”
- Champ2395, August, 2012

“I have been involved in fantasy football for 13 years and I can’t count how many fantasy football sites I have been a part of. I found Smitty about 6 years ago and his advice, from day 1, is the best, nobody does it better.”
- Joeman, July, 2012

- Mile_High_Man, June, 2012

“I’ve been with Smitty and Co. for 5 years and have always felt ahead of the game in dynasty. They predicted Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson’s breakouts as top 5 RBs. Smitty’s bold dynasty predictions make playing fantasy sports fun. He always seems to know when to buy and sell, and thinks outside of the box. This is my number 1 source for fantasy information and I’ve made the playoffs in roughly 90% of my leagues over the last 5 years.”
- fontaines, May, 2012

“I selfishly never share the content produced by Smitty.”…I’ve been following Smitty for 3 years and when I heard he was coming here, I immediately added this site to the top of my FF favorites. He gives you invaluable, immediate, and personalized feedback to your questions. Keep up the incredible work, Smitty! THANKS!”
- GoPack, May, 2012

“Since I’ve been following Draft Calc founder Smitty’s bold predictions, I’ve seen him be way out in front of the industry on guys like Lesean McCoy, Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Cam Newton and Victor Cruz. If you want to land these elite studs before your league mates are even thinking about them, join DraftCalc.com and become part of the DC Nation.”
- JRMRRT, April, 2012

“I have been following Smitty and company since 2007. The advice is spot on and the site is always friendly and respectful, from the moderators to the individual members. Thanks to break out predictions from Smitty, X and Tav, I own LeSean McCoy, Victor Cruz and others, for which Smitty’s crew was ahead of the pack. Draft Calc has become my new home.”
- chuckeycharles, April, 2012

“I’m excited to see what Smitty has planned for DraftCalc.com. I have been following Smitty since 2007 and his advice, insight and bold predictions have really helped me turn a lot of my teams into contenders. I love the forums. The members and moderators are just awesome, plain and simple. I’ve gotten some fantastic advice from the other members and the best part is that it’s year round!! There is no such thing as an off season with this site and the forums. “
- tusken10, April, 2012

“In projecting Cam Newton’s rise to superstar status in the world of Fantasy Football, Smitty was out on an island, all alone and unflinching. While I was having visions of Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell, Smitty saw something very different. Straight up, if you took his advice in 2011 and drafted or acquired Newton on the cheap, you probably won your league, made money, or at the very least hold a valuable bargaining chip.”
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