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"Made the superbowl in my league 3 out of the last 4 years since I've been following the site. You guys are awesome!"
- Jim C., June 14th, 2018

"Thanks Smitty. Love the articles and love the deep analysis of the rookies coming out every year. I am a contender every year because of it!"
- Jay, May 8th, 2018

"Smitty, you made me a winner came in 1st place in my fantasy football league last season, looking forward to this year."
- Charlie R., April 29th, 2018

"I won two championships and finished runner up two times. I give you a lot of credit as I picked up players before others knew of them... I also drafted based on your rankings!"
- James E., December 26th, 2017

"That’s three titles In four years with your help. This site is the best kept secret around! Cheers!"
- Ctbarbee, December 26th, 2017

"I won my league for the first time. A competitive league that’s been playing for 11 years. Thanks for all the information. I’ve been using your website for several years. Thanks man. It’s been a fun year."
- Brett Harrison, December 26th, 2017

"I won the league. Thanks for all the help. SleeperU is without a doubt the best site."
- Andrew M., December 26th, 2017

"I just won 2 Superbowls today. A lot of my decisions came on your advice so I would just like to say thank you."
- BadPig40, December 25th, 2017

"Your projections are incredibly accurate. After each weekend, I go back to see which site's projections were the most accurate and your site is running away with it."
- mlang, October 2017

"Smitty, you have won many many championships. I have been a huge fan way back when you gave the bold prediction of a backup running back named Arian Foster, and another Ray Rice. My advice to anyone who questions your bold calls, Smitty has the track record to win you championships!"
- Ray Wilga, September 2017

"Smitty, I should have listened about your pre-season Tarik Cohen prediction. "
- buffaloblizzard, September 2017

"I didn't think much of Tarik Cohen but added him [before Week 1 kickoff] because of Smitty's email this morning. This guy looks great!"
- JKnighton_9, September, 2017

"Your fantasy football advice is impeccable!"
- Abe, September, 2017

"Thanks again, Smitty. You are the man. I love SleeperU and tell most of my friends about you. Unless we're in the same league. Then I don't."
- Badpig40, August 2017

"This site helped me take my game to a whole new level after really learning how to find insane VALUE in drafts. Smitty is a pioneer..."
- Rmadrid86, July 2017

"Looking forward to my 4th Super Bowl title in 5 years thanks to your FF knowledge."
- Ky, July 2017

"I’m seriously impressed with everything about this site."
- Sean, July 2016

"Your Todd Gurley, Derek Carr, and Jarvis Landry predictions were money!"
- Adam, 2016

"Um, yeah, already the best fantasy tools ever!"
- FFfanGB, 2016

"This is my new home!"
- ChuckeyCharles, 2016

"This website is like clean linens on the bed!"
- Swampies, 2016

"I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite features of any fantasy football site out there! (Speaking to our new Fantasy Football Stock Market)"
- Seth Kaufman, June 2016

"I've now been on this site for a couple of weeks I've learned more here in that time than the previous twenty years. Everyone is super helpful and the insight is unbelievable. I certainly feel quietly-confident as we near our live drafts here in the U.K.. Well done and thank you!! And, please use this in your testimonials if you wish..."
- MrCF, June 2016

"Seriously I’m already a fan of SleeperU and now this? Wow, can’t wait! (Speaking to our new Fantasy Football Stock Market)"
- Sean Connors, June 2016

"Smitty has created a cult for fantasy football. Once you start reading the info on his site, you can't stop reading. The information flows often and early. Best value on the net hands down!"
- Reisssox, June, 2016

"Thanks Smitty for creating this place! It's a great place to talk about football & life!"
- Coolhand, June, 2016

"I do have to say, the "Upside Board" or 'Bold Predictions' players that @Smitty has put out over the years helped make my team what it is. Going back over some moves I made - many of my big deals came from players Smitty targeted. I traded for Victor Cruz before he was anyone's radar, traded for Lamar Miller when his stock was low within days of him going on the Upside Board, drafted Arian Foster with a mid-round pick before he was a starter - just to name a few. I went 14-0 in 2011 and was the top scoring team 4 of the last 7 years."
- Hawk 12, April 2016

"The best forums on the internet!"
- mahonebayhitmen, January 2016

"Congrats Smitty (on launching SleeperU), please post my testimonial. Not one word is exagerated. Wow... where do I begin? I have been getting QUALITY advice from Smitty and his horde since 2008. The redraft advice is always thoroughly considered. BUT, it is the DYNASTY advice that is particularly helpful. Thanks to Smitty and company, I am working on my 5th-straight Super Bowl appearance in one of my dynasty leagues. I should have won my 3rd consecutive championship last year, had Andrew Luck not tanked in week 16. Smitty has predicted the rise of Victor Cruz, Arian Foster and Russell Wilson to name just a few. To say that he is way ahead of the curve is an understatement. Please, please, please come join our friendly community!"
- ChuckeyCharles, September 2016