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Gurley, Conner, Mixon, Oh My!


What do Todd Gurley, James Conner, Joe Mixon and Keenan Allen all have in come? Risk! Listen to Smitty break this topic down on The Fantasy Football Show podcast. Get some!

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LeVeon Bell… a go get?

leveon bell fantasy football 2019

Is LeVeon Bell a go get in 2019 fantasy football leagues/drafts? Smitty talks about his value against the top 5RBs: Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley, Todd Gurley, Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara.

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Todd Gurley could bust in 2019?


Is Todd Gurley a bust heading into 2019 fantasy football? Smitty, on The Fantasy Football Show, talks about this and more, and discusses how Gurley could follow the sharp declines of Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander and Priest Holmes.

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Week 15 Radio Show

Listen to this Week 15 fantasy football radio show on CBS Sports Radio 1580am (the red zone with Russ Bliss), which is arguably the longest running fantasy football radio show in the world going on 22 years.

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Week 9 Buy-Lows; Best/Worst Schedules?

Looking for players to buy low entering Week 9 of the fantasy football season? Using strength of schedule, and most difficult schedules, we tell you who to target and trade for, and who to try and trade away.

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Radio: Week 7 Fantasy Football

Radio: Week 7 fantasy football radio show. Smitty and Russ Bliss on the air every Tuesday on arguably the world’s longest-running fantasy football radio show – 22 years running!

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