Why it’s smart to buy Zeke Elliott…

Hey, all. I did this quick Live Stream on YouTube and wanted to share it with you all. It’s on why Zeke Elliott is a buy-low player worth taking a risk on right now. Whether it’s through buying-low via trade, or drafting-low in a draft, get him. Here is why:  

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2019 Mock Draft (Redraft)


Ready for a Day after the NFL Super Bowl 2019 fantasy football mock draft? This is a redraft ppr mock draft, and Smitty takes you through who to draft and where in 2019 fantasy football. Get some!

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Todd Gurley could bust in 2019?


Is Todd Gurley a bust heading into 2019 fantasy football? Smitty, on The Fantasy Football Show, talks about this and more, and discusses how Gurley could follow the sharp declines of Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander and Priest Holmes.

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