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 Player$RDy diff$DPos.Team $DByeSRRookieWin LgWin-a-league potential?Other
Christian Mccaffrey$58-5$53xRBCARN/A
Dalvin Cook$47-2$45xRBMINN/A
Alvin Kamara$47-3$44xRBNON/A
Tyreek Hill$44-1$43xWRKCN/A
Davante Adams$44-1$43xWRGBN/A
DeAndre Hopkins$44-1$43xWRARIN/A
Derrick Henry$44-8$36xRBTENN/A
Aaron Jones$43-3$40xRBGB104N/A
Stefon Diggs$41$41xWRBUFN/A
Justin Jefferson$403$43xWRMINxxWRYx2020xYESHis shoulder injury will give people a tiny window of time to buy a tad lower... he could be this year's overall WR1.
DK Metcalf$401$41xWRSEA104x2019N/A
Calvin Ridley$40$40xWRATLN/A
Cooper Kupp$40$40xWRLARN/A
AJ Brown$391$40xWRTEN104x2019N/A
CeeDee Lamb$385$43xWRDALxxWRYx2020xYESTop 1-4 overall WR potential. We were on this before anyone. Now, the entire world is catching up, and he is nearing round 2 ADP wise. Still, he can crush 3.1 ish type value. Watch.
Travis Kelce$38-1$37xTEKCN/A
Nick Chubb$38-2$36xRBCLEN/A
Najee Harris$373$40xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Antonio Gibson$37$37xRBWASxxRBYx2020xYESGibson has the ability to be the next Alvin Kamara, cranking out huge rushing and receiving numbers equally, and getting well over 10TDs per season.
Kyler Murray$371$38xQBARIx2019N/A
Ezekiel Elliott$37-4$33xRBDALN/A
Terry McLaurin$373$40xWRWASx2019N/A
Jonathan Taylor$362$38xRBINDxxRBYx2020N/A
Patrick Mahomes$362$38xQBKC154N/A
Austin Ekeler$36$36xRBLAC88N/A
Josh Allen$353$38xQBBUFxYESIn round 4, he is the best pick in fantasy. Sorry, deep QB pool and all, that's what happens when the potential #1 overall fantasy scorer falls to round 4. Round 3, he still wins leagues. Yes, even in a deep QB pool. He could throw for 45-50 TDs with the extra game this season.
Darren Waller$33$33xTELVN/A
David Montgomery$33$33xRBCHIx2019N/A
Joe Mixon$33-1$32xRBCINN/A
Amari Cooper$33$33xWRDAL125N/A
Tyler Lockett$33$33xWRSEAN/A
Keenan Allen$33-2$31xWRLACN/A
Saquon Barkley$317$38xRBNYGN/A
DAndre Swift$316$37xRBDETxxRBYx2020N/A
Tom Brady$31-6$25xQBTBN/A
George Kittle$30$30xTESFN/A
Justin Herbert$304$34xQBLACxxQBYx2020xYESIf you miss out on Josh Allen, this is back-up plan #1 or #2, as Herbs could sling 40TDs this year and be in MVP consideration.
Chris Godwin$30$30xWRTBN/A
Mike Evans$30$30xWRTB84N/A
Dak Prescott$291$30xQBDALN/A
Lamar Jackson$29$29xQBBAL1515N/A
Aaron Rodgers$29-5$24xQBGBN/A
Jalen Hurts$285$33xQBPHIxxQBYx2020xYESThe ability, with his rushing, to be a top 6 fantasy QB. There is big risk, though. PHI is trying hard to mess him up.
JaMarr Chase$2713$40xWRFAxxWRYx2021xYESEven as a rookie, he could drop 1100 yards and 10TDs.
Joe Burrow$276$33xQBCINxxQBYx2020N/A
Antonio Brown$27-2$25xWRFAN/A
Adam Thielen$27-3$24xWRMINN/A
Russell Wilson$26-2$24xQBSEAN/A
Miles Sanders$26-4$22xRBPHIx2019N/A
Clyde Edwards-Helaire$252$27xRBKCxxRBYx2020xYESTop 5RB appeal. He didn't get to learn pass protection last year, which killed his PPR game. With an off-season to absorb, with having a good rookie season behind him, and with a new offensive line, Andy Reid should feed CEH and make him top 5-10RB bound.
Kareem Hunt$251$26xRBCLEN/A
TJ Hockenson$25$25xTEDETx2019N/A
Damien Harris$25$25xRBNEx2019N/A
Chris Carson$25-3$22xRBSEAN/A
Allen Robinson$25$25xWRCHIN/A
Devonta Smith$2417$41xWRFAxxWRYx2021xYESCould be so much better than people think as a rook.. he has eventual top 6 fantasy WR upside.
Miles Gaskin$225$27xRBMIAN/A
DJ Moore$22$22xWRCARN/A
Kyle Pitts$1815$33xTEFAXXTEYx2021N/A
Diontae Johnson$180$18xWRPITN/A
Courtland Sutton$17$17xWRDENN/A
Robert Woods$16$16xWRLARN/A
Javonte Williams$1520$35xRBFAxxRBYx2021xYESProbably my favorite fantasy football player outside of rounds 1-4. I think Williams quickly grabs starter volume, and he could be a top 10RB with ease. He has good pass protection skills and could give Harris a run for his money for the top rookie RB by Week 17's end.
Rondale Moore$1512$27xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Tee Higgins$154$19xWRCINxxWRYx2020N/A
Darrell Henderson$150$15xRBLARx2019xYESBoom or bust, not due to talent, but due to McVay. But, if leaned on, we may eventually see the talent and production I once predicted (and missed on).
Corey Davis$15$15xWRTENN/A
James Robinson$15-1$14xRBJACxxRBYx2020N/A
Matthew Stafford$15-1$14xQBDETN/A
Josh Jacobs$15-5$10xRBLV83x2019N/A
Deebo Samuel$141$15xWRSFx2019N/A
Marquise Brown$141$15xWRBALx2019N/A
Kenny Golladay$14$14xWRDET83N/A
Julio Jones$14-7$7xWRATLN/A
Logan Thomas$13$13xTEFAN/A
Jameis Winston$133$16xQBJACxxQBYx2020N/A
Mike Davis$13-5$8xRBCARxYESOld man? Maybe. But, in 2021, he should ball, and the volume should be there. ATL won't be cranking out a 1200-yard rusher, but they do need a RB that can do it all, and Davis has a nose for the goal line.
Tony Pollard$124$16xRBDALx2019xYESMy #1 Sleeping Giant RB of 2021. Only he and AJ Dillon have the upside to be top 5RBs per start if forced to start.
Chase Claypool$125$17xWRPITxxWRYx2020N/A
Mark Andrews$12$12xTEBALN/A
Noah Fant$122$14xTEDENx2019xYESHas 'this year's Hockenson" upside.
Robert Tonyan$12$12xTEGBN/A
Tyler Boyd$12$12xWRCINN/A
Michael Thomas$1120$31xWRNON/A
Tyler Higbee$110$11xTELARxYESHockenson like appeal.
Jakobi Meyers$11$11xWRNEN/A
Dallas Goedert$10$10xTEPHIxYESHuge upside given the cost.
Brandon Aiyuk$103$13xWRSFxxWRYx2020N/A
Elijah Mitchell$102$12xRBCARN/A
Brandin Cooks$10-1$9xWRHOUN/A
Rob Gronkowski$10-3$7xTETBN/A
Robby Anderson$10-2$8xWRCARN/A
Chase Edmonds$10-2$8xRBARIN/A
Trey Sermon$912$21xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Elijah Moore$913$22xWRFAxxWRYx2021xYESA super sleeper WR3 with WR2 production, yes, even as a rookie. If anyone has that dark horse ability to be this year's Justin Jefferson and rival Chase/Smith for stud rookie WR from this class, it's Moore. His situation is gold.
Terrace Marshall$96$15xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Darnell Mooney$92$11xWRINDxYESThis year's biggest WR breakout from the 80-100 range.
JD McKissic$9-1$8xRBWASN/A
Trevor Lawrence$819$27xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
Zach Wilson$818$26xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
Trey Lance$817$25xQBFAxxQBYx2021xYESTop 5QB production could happen per start. Know that.
Laviska Shenault$85$13xWRJACxxWRYx2020N/A
Marquez Callaway$82$10xWRNEN/A
Odell Beckham$8$8xWRCLEN/A
Sterling Shepard$8$8xWRNYGN/A
Alexander Mattison$82$10xRBMINx2019xYESMust-own for Cook owners and amazing standalone grab. I think, unfortunately, he starts games in 2021. How many is tough to say.
Sony Michel$8$8xRBNEN/A
Jamaal Williams$8-1$7xRBGBN/A
Gerald Everett$8$8xTESEAN/A
Leonard Fournette$8-1$7xRBJACN/A
Latavius Murray$8-1$7xRBNON/A
Melvin Gordon$8-3$5xRBDEN154N/A
Justin Fields$715$22xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
DJ Chark$72$9xWRJACN/A
Ryan Tannehill$7$7xQBTENN/A
Mike Williams$71$8xWRLACN/A
Kenny Gainwell$73$10xRBFAxxRBYx2021xYESSuper, super late RB sleeper, but this guy could start handfuls of games in 2021. He could be a HUGE surprise.
Bryan Edwards$7$7xWRFAxxWRYx2020N/A
Devin Singletary$70$7xRBBUFx2019N/A
James White$7$7xRBNEN/A
Ronald Jones$7-2$5xRBTBN/A
Matt Ryan$7-3$4xQBATLN/A
Jerry Jeudy$613$19xWRDENxxWRYx2020xYESTop 10WR upside. Doubt it? Watch.
Jaylen Waddle$612$18xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Michael Carter$69$15xRBFAxxRBYx2021xYESHigh-end RB2 appeal.
Michael Pittman$62$8xWRINDxxWRYx2020N/A
Nyheim Hines$6-1$5xRBINDN/A
AJ Dillon$57$12xRBGBxxRBYx2020xYESMy #2 Sleeping Giant RB of 2021. Only he and Tony Pollard have the upside to be top 5RBs per start if forced to start.
JuJu Smith-Schuster$5$5xWRPIT154N/A
Tim Patrick$5$5xWRDENN/A
Rhamondre Stevenson$52$7xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Taylor Heinicke$51$6xQBWASN/A
Zack Moss$5$5xRBBUFxxRBYx2020N/A
Cord. Patterson$5$5xRBPITN/A
James Conner$5-2$3xRBPITN/A
Chuba Hubbard$410$14xRBFAxxRBYx2021xYESHome run ability in a great situation. He is this year's Mike Davis, as he backs up the best back in football.
Mac Jones$412$16xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
Sam Darnold$43$7xQBNYJN/A
Parris Campbell$43$7xWRINDN/A
Baker Mayfield$41$5xQBCLEN/A
Jalen Reagor$43$7xWRPHIxxWRYx2020N/A
Christian Kirk$4$4xWRARIN/A
Cole Kmet$4$4xTECHIXXTEYx2020N/A
Dalton Schultz$4$4xTEDALN/A
Curtis Samuel$4$4xWRCARN/A
Russell Gage$4$4xWRCHIN/A
Jonnu Smith$4$4xTETENN/A
Van Jefferson$4$4xWRLARxxWRYx2020N/A
Jarvis Landry$4$4xWRCLEN/A
Emmanuel Sanders$4$4xWRNON/A
Derek Carr$4$4xQBLVN/A
Marvin Jones$4-1$3xWRDETN/A
Mike Gesicki$4$4xTEMIAN/A
Mark Ingram$4-1$3xRBBALN/A
Ben Roethlisberger$4-1$3xQBPITN/A
Jared Cook$4-2$2xTENON/A
Zach Ertz$4$4xTEPHIN/A
Tua Tagovailoa$33$6xQBMIAxxQBYx2020N/A
Josh Palmer$32$5xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Pat Friermuth$3$3xTEFAXXTEYx2021N/A
Juwan Johnson$3$3xTENON/A
Gabriel Davis$3$3xWRBUFxxWRYx2020N/A
Evan Engram$3$3xTENYGN/A
Irv Smith$3$3xTEMINN/A
Andy Isabella$3$3xWRARIx2019N/A
Damien Williams$30$3xRBCHIxxRBYx2020N/A
Tyrell Williams$3$3xWRLVN/A
Jamison Crowder$3$3xWRNYJN/A
Quintez Cephus$30$3xWRDETxxWRYx2020N/A
Wayne Gallman$3$3xRBNYGN/A
Jaret Patterson$3$3xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Zach Pascal$3$3xWRINDN/A
Michael Gallup$3$3xWRDALN/A
Demarcus Robinson$3$3xWRKCN/A
Kirk Cousins$3$3xQBMINN/A
Quez Watkins$30$3xWRPHIxxWRYx2020N/A
Hunter Henry$3-1$2xTELACN/A
Blake Jarwin$3$3xTEDALN/A
Raheem Mostert$3-1$2xRBSFN/A
Le'Veon Bell$3-1$2xRBNYJN/A
DeVante Parker$3-1$2xWRMIAN/A
Taysom Hill$3$3xQBNON/A
Teddy Bridgewater$3$3xQBCARN/A
Cole Beasley$3-2$1xWRBUFN/A
Larry Roundtree$3-1$2xRBLACN/A
David Johnson$3-2$1xRBHOUN/A
Kenyan Drake$3-3$0xRBARI88N/A
Deshaun Watson$220$22xQBHOUN/A
Amon-Ra St. Brown$25$7xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Rashod Bateman$25$7xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Kadarius Toney$23$5xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Daniel Jones$23$5xQBNYGx2019N/A
Jordan Love$22$4xQBGBxxQBYx2020N/A
Henry Ruggs$22$4xWROAKxxWRYx2020N/A
Denzel Mims$22$4xWRNYJxxWRYx2020N/A
DWayne Eskridge$22$4xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Kylin Hill$22$4xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Jermar Jefferson$22$4xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Jacob Eason$22$4xQBINDxxQBYx2020N/A
Byron Pringle$21$3xWRKCN/A
Mecole Hardman$21$3xWRKCx2019N/A
Dyami Brown$21$3xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Nico Collins$21$3xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Dez Fitzpatrick$21$3xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Tylan Wallace$21$3xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
KJ Hamler$21$3xWRDENxxWRYx2020N/A
Khalil Herbert$21$3xRBFAxxRBYx2021N/A
Amari Rodgers$21$3xWRFAxxWRYx2021N/A
Antonio Gandy-Golden$21$3xWRWASxxWRYx2020N/A
Kyle Rudolph$2$2xTEMINN/A
Anthony Firkser$2$2xTEHOUN/A
Adam Trautman$2$2xTENOXXTEYx2020N/A
D. Peoples-Jones$21$3xWRCLExxWRYx2020N/A
Darius Slayton$2$2xWRNYGN/A
Travis Fulgham$2$2xWRMIAN/A
Breshad Perriman$2$2xWRNYJN/A
Tre'Quan Smith$2$2xWRNON/A
Nelson Agholor$2$2xWRLVN/A
N'Keal Harry$2$2xWRNEx2019N/A
DeSean Jackson$2$2xWRPHIN/A
Chris Conley$2$2xWRJACN/A
Allen Lazard$2$2xWRGBN/A
Golden Tate$2$2xWRNYGN/A
Keke Coutee$2$2xWRHOUN/A
Giovani Bernard$2$2xRBCINN/A
Tevin Coleman$2$2xRBSFN/A
Salvon Ahmed$2$2xRBMIAN/A
Darrel Williams$2$2xRBKCN/A
Eno Benjamin$2$2xRBAZxxRBYx2020N/A
Peyton Barber$2$2xRBWASN/A
Rashard Higgins$2$2xWRCLEN/A
Scotty Miller$2$2xWRTBxxWRYN/A
Sammy Watkins$2$2xWRKCN/A
Lynn Bowden$20$2xWROAKxxWRYx2020N/A
Preston Williams$2$2xWRMIAN/A
M. Valdes-Scantling$2$2xWRGBN/A
Larry Fitzgerald$2$2xWRARIN/A
Kenny Stills$2$2xWRHOUN/A
Keelan Cole$2$2xWRJACN/A
JJ Arcega-Whiteside$2$2xWRPHIN/A
James Washington$2$2xWRPITN/A
Hunter Renfrow$2$2xWRLVx2019N/A
Tyler Johnson$20$2xWRTBxxWRYx2020N/A
Dede Westbrook$2$2xWRJACN/A
David Moore$2$2xWRSEAN/A
Danny Amendola$2$2xWRDETN/A
Chris Hogan$2$2xWRFAN/A
Anthony Miller$2$2xWRCHIN/A
Alshon Jeffery$2$2xWRPHIN/A
Albert Wilson$2$2xWRMIAN/A
Adam Humphries$2$2xWRTENN/A
Devin Duvernay$2$2xWRBALxxWRYx2020N/A
TY Hilton$2$2xWRINDN/A
Zay Jones$2$2xWRLVN/A
Randall Cobb$2$2xWRHOUN/A
AJ Green$2-1$1xWRCINN/A
John Brown$2-1$1xWRBUFN/A
Royce Freeman$2$2xRBDENN/A
Boston Scott$2$2xRBPHIN/A
Jimmy Garoppolo$2$2xQBSFN/A
Jared Goff$2$2xQBLARN/A
Carson Wentz$20$2xQBPHIN/A
Andy Dalton$2$2xQBCINN/A
Tyrod Taylor$2$2xQBLACN/A
Darrynton Evans$20$2xRBTENxxRBYx2020N/A
Carlos Hyde$2$2xRBFAN/A
Malcolm Brown$2-1$1xRBLARN/A
Phillip Lindsay$2-1$1xRBDENN/A
Jacoby Brissett$2$2xQBINDN/A
Ryan Fitzpatrick$2-2$0xQBMIAN/A
Kellen Mond$12$3xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
Kyle Trask$12$3xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
Davis Mills$12$3xQBFAxxQBYx2021N/A
Jake Fromm$12$3xQBBUFxxQBYx2020N/A
Brevin Jordan$13$4xTEFAXXTEYx2021N/A
James Morgan$11$2xQBNYJxxQBYx2020N/A
Anthony McFarland$11$2xRBPITxxRBYx2020N/A
Austin Hooper$11$2xTECLEN/A
Ryquell Armstead$11$2xRBJACx2019N/A
Ke'shawn Vaughn$11$2xRBTBxxRBYx2020N/A
Thaddeus Moss$11$2xTEFAXXTEYx2020N/A
A. Okwuegbunam$11$2xTEDENXXTEYx2020N/A
Hayden Hurst$1$1xTEATLN/A
Chris Herndon$1$1xTENYJN/A
Eric Ebron$1$1xTEPITN/A
Xavier Jones$1$1xRBSFN/A
Cam Newton$1$1xQBFAN/A
Gardner Minshew$1$1xQBJACx2019N/A
Will Dissly$1$1xTESEAN/A
Jimmy Graham$1$1xTECHIN/A
Dawson Knox$1$1xTEBUFN/A
Drew Lock$10$1xQBDENx2019N/A
Tyler Eifert$1$1xTEJACN/A
OJ Howard$1$1xTETBN/A
Benny Snell$1$1xRBPITx2019N/A
Tarik Cohen$1$1xRBCHIN/A
Kalen Ballage$1$1xRBLACN/A
Matt Breida$1$1xRBSFN/A
Justin Jackson$1$1xRBLACN/A
Bryce Love$1$1xRBWASN/A
Mike Boone$1$1xRBMINN/A
Brian Hill$1$1xRBATLN/A
Frank Gore$1$1xRBFAN/A
Dwayne Haskins$1$1xQBWASx2019N/A
Mitch Trubisky$1$1xQBCHIN/A
Chris Thompson$1$1xRBFAN/A
Patrick Laird$1$1xRBMIAN/A
Duke Johnson$1$1xRBHOUN/A
Ted Ginn$1$1xWRNON/A
Riley Ridley$1$1xWRCHIx2019N/A
Dion Lewis$1$1xRBNYGN/A
Quincy Enunwa$1$1xWRNYJN/A
Phillip Dorsett$1$1xWRSEAN/A
Mohamed Sanu$1$1xWRNEN/A
KeeSean Johnson$1$1xWRARIN/A
Josh Reynolds$1$1xWRLARN/A
Josiah Deguara$10$1xTEGBXXTEYx2020N/A
Josh Gordon$1$1xWRFAN/A
John Ross$1$1xWRCINN/A
Jalen Hurd$1$1xWRSFN/A
Hakeem Butler$1$1xWRARIx2019N/A
Geronimo Allison$1$1xWRDETN/A
Jarrett Stidham$10$1xQBNEx2019N/A
Devin Funchess$1$1xWRGBN/A
DaeSean Hamilton$1$1xWRDENN/A
Collin Johnson$1$1xWRJACxxWRYx2020N/A
Dalton Keene$10$1xTENEXXTEYx2020N/A
Auden Tate$1$1xWRCINN/A
Will Fuller$1-1$0xWRHOUN/A
Colby Parkinson$10$1xTESEAXXTEYx2020N/A
Brycen Hopkins$10$1xTELARXXTEYx2020N/A
Harrison Bryant$1-1$0xTECLEXXTEYx2020N/A
DeAndre Washington$1$1xRBLVN/A
Darwin Thompson$1$1xRBKCx2019N/A
Todd Gurley$1-1$0xRBATLN/A
Adrian Peterson$1-1$0xRBWASN/A
Rex Burkhead$1-1$0xRBNEN/A
Joshua Kelley$1-1$0xRBLACN/A
Travis Etienne$028$28xRBFAxxRBYx2021
JK Dobbins$027$27xRBBALxxRBYx2020N/A
Cam Akers$020$20xRBLARxxRBYx2020N/A
Rookie 1.01$038$38xPICKSNAN/A
Gus Edwards$00$0xRBBALN/A
Rookie 1.02$0$38xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.03$0$34xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.04$0$25xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.05$0$14xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.06$0$10xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.07$0$6xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.08$0$6xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.09$0$5xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.10$0$5xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.11$0$4xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 1.12$0$3xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.01$0$3xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.02$0$3xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.03$0$2xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.04$0$2xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.05$0$2xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.06$0$2xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.07$0$2xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.08$0$1xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.09$0$1xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.10$0$1xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.11$0$1xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 2.12$0$1xPICKSNAN/A
Rookie 3.01 on$0$1xPICKSNAN/A