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Hello. For those of you that don't know me, I once helped run and operate Fantasy Football Starters. Although STARTERS closed their doors in 2017, they asked that I take care of all of the fine folks that use to religiously-frequent STARTERS; I am here for you and I hope you continue your fantasy football success and domination here with me at

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FAQs for STARTERS users


Q: Do you have Smart Alerts?
A: Yes. Well, we don't call our news by that name, but our "U News" is breaking and it's 365/24/7, and it's available through our Twitter and FB feeds, not to mention on our homepage and breaking news page. So, you can get breaking news at any time 365/24/7, and our 'fantasy take' is attached to each news post. And, we have PLAYER PAGES now for every player, so news for any player can be found on their player page (as well as projections, weekly and full season, articles, ADP... our player pages are AMAZING!).

We have so much at SleeperU: Player Pages, Breaking Fantasy News, Weekly Projections, Full-Season Projections, Drag and Drop Rankings, a DraftBoard, Ask The Expert Advice, Forums, Match-Up and Line-Up Calculators, Start Bench Calculators and even Live Mock Drafts. We have it all!

Q: Do you guys offer Draft Analyzers, Trade Analyzers, Match-up Analyzers, and Line-up Analyzers like did?
A: Yes. While our products are entirely different, we are an instant-based product, meaning every tool we have is almost a 'one click' and 'calculate' type of product. We do not have custom scoring, as we focus on providing PPR and nonPPR general scoring, but make the tools speedy and light weight. The difference in scoring systems are minute once you factor in PPR vs nonPPR, which we do. We are confident that despite being use to Fantasy Football Starters tools and analyzers, you will love our fast and light-weight tools that provide you instant fantasy football advice for 2018.

Q: Can I enter in my own scoring?
A: We do not offer custom scoring tools, however, that does not mean we don't provide scoring options that cover practically any scoring consideration. While our scoring could vary from your slightly, once you account for PPR and non-PPR scoring, which we provide both, the difference in scoring variations doesn't change rankings all that much, so to keep our product light-weight and speedy and instant, we provide PPR and non-PPR scoring filters so that our tools can crank out instant advice for you without the crazy and time consuming process of adding in your players and entire scoring system. That takes time, and we build everything at SleeperU to be for speed and accuracy.

Q: Can I enter my roster into your tools?
A: You don't need to! Since our products are instant-based, it's all about "Should I trade A for B?" or "Should I trade these 3 for this 1 player?" Or, maybe you are deciding between starting 1 of 3 players, why would you want your entire roster involved in that decision? Our Start and Bench Calculator tells you what the exact stat lines could be based on our projections... our fantasy football calculators are amazing, speedy and instant!

Q: How do I get custom advice if I can't enter my roster?
A: Even better than what you're use to, we have "Ask Smitty", where you can Ask Smitty A Question whenever you want. No longer does a calcualtion have to decide your start bench question.. Smitty has your back!

Q: Is Fantasy Football Starters related to SleeperU?
A: No. Smitty use to work for STARTERS and when STARTERS closed the doors, they wanted their awesome users to have a place to go, and since Smitty was a part of the STARTERS family for years, what better place to send the fine folks of FFS?