Thank You

These are the only 2 words that come to mind for all of us at Thank you for your loyal support. Thank you for allowing us to help you win in fantasy football. Thank you for making this website more than just a fantasy football help website; thank you for making it a family.
A family that unfortunately we are going to miss.

It has been our extreme honor and privilege to have served you the last 14 years. But as Geoffrey Chaucer said, “All good things must come to an end.”

It is with the saddest heart we inform you that is shutting down. Effective immediately, we will no longer be operational. This was not an easy decision for us to make, and not one we made without regard for you, our faithful fans. But rather, it is because of you we cannot continue.

We are unable to devote the resources necessary to compete at the highest levels in this industry. We cannot ensure that we are able to provide you with only the highest quality product and help that you have come to know, and expect, from us. You deserve nothing but our very best. When something that has been at the top cannot guarantee being so anymore, it should not pretend to keep being so, just for its own preservation.

We built this site based on the idea of innovation, with a passion to think beyond the current accepted ideas of what fantasy football help/advice was. It was with great pride we created a cutting edge set of tools not offered previously in the industry. When we started in 2004, there were no Lineup or Trade Analyzers anywhere, and the idea of personalized fantasy football tools that were customized to take into account a variety of different scoring systems was unheard of. Those types of tools simply did not exist at that time.

Our innovation got us noticed, not just in the fantasy football industry, but in mainstream media as well. It was the Wall Street Journal that recognized us for our “Fantasy Points Allowed Per Game” formula as being a far superior way of determining strength/weakness of player matchups, instead of the accepted norm at the time of “yardage allowed” that everyone else was using.
There are many laurels we could hang our hats on. But there is one that stands out above all else:
Your winning percentages.

And that is the most important stat of all.
Except one.

Russ has been saying it on his fantasy football radio show since 1997. Winning Championships, money/prizes and having bragging rights is awesome. But that’s not what fantasy football is about. It’s about building relationships, new friendships, and camaraderie between friends and strangers. All through the love of a simple pastime: fantasy football. The new bonds we build or existing bonds of friendship that we make stronger through it is the real goal of fantasy football.

With that in mind, the community we built here was the real strength of the site. To our faithful, the friendships you have grown into with each other is our best legacy. Friendship always is.
There are friendships we have built within this site that will far outlast the site itself. And because of that, we are all winners.

Best Regards,

Jeff Coruccini
Simon Chatfield
Dana Valentine
Brady Chatfield
Russell Bliss