Fantasy Football Radio Shows

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CBS Sports Radio 1580am

Checkout Smitty's The Fantasy Football Show via audio format above. Smitty not only produces this podcast, on the near daily, he appears on CBS Sports Radio 1580am The Fanatic and has been on CBS/NBC Sports Radio for 16+ years. Check him out every WED during the regular NFL season on 1580am (or just watch his live stream on YouTube, as he live streams his entire hour every WED).

Smitty Speaks On TV/Radio Programs Around The Country

Each and every year, Smitty is asked to to go on dozens of nationwide NFL/Fantasy TV Shows and Fantasy Football Radio Programs. From ESPN Radio in New York, to NBC Sports in Arizona, to shows like The Cardinals Sam Acho Show (by News Channel 12 and AZ Central), Smitty brings his bold fantasy football approach to all different fantasy sports markets.

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