Player Spotlights

Week 7: James Robinson

James Robinson has been one of the bigger surprises in 2020, at least from the RB2 perspective. While he has only had one single 100+ yard rushing effort, he gets a solid amount of PPR work and has 3TDs on the ground. He definitely is no lock to be playing at the same level he has for Weeks 7-16, but I think it's more risky to doubt him than believe in him. The competition is weak and his success so far has been pretty awesome when you think about it. That should suggest to you that there is still some risk, but the beauty is that he's very doubted right now. In trade, you can probably go get this guy at value that packages in both decline and risk. While kind of alarming that three out of his last four games have had carries totals of 11, 13 and 12, the targets in those games were 6, 7 and 4, so he can't really be scripted out of game flow, which is a huge plus. I think most people just see the surface-base stuff when looking at a guy like JRob, they don't take in the entire picture. People do this with CEH all the time. JRob is only on pace for 965 rushing on the year, but I actually think that's a safe bet. And, he is on pace for 552 yards receiving with 61 receptions, which is very overlooked. Go attack JRob via trade in some package deal. Odds are you can trade one big name player for two James Robinson-type values. And, in a COVID season, it's not a bad idea to buy low on two potential studs (that are perceived to be struggling) for one stud that could be overdelivering.

Week 7: D’Andre Swift

D'Andre Swift never received more than 5 carries all year, but was still pulling in 3, 5, 1 and 4 targets in Weeks 1-4. In Week 6, coming off the Week 5 bye, the Lions fed him the rock, and only 14 times I might add... he responded with 116 yards and 2TDs, adding 3 receptions for 7 yards. Imagine if he gets used in the passing game more? I like Swift. I think it's smart to curb expectations a little, but I also think it's safe to expect low-end RB2 potential if the Lions feed him. The Lions haven't had a strong RB since Barry Sanders and a short-lived Reggie Bush. That's crazy to say, but it's true. So, while trends are made to be broken, there is usage/coaching concern moving forward (just look at the Rams and how they still don't fully commit to Darrell Henderson even though he has proven to be ready to be the team's full-time starter). Will DET make the same mistake? Swift is a great player to bet on.. a fun player to bet on.

Week 7: Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is a monster, and arguably locked into everyone's top 1-4 overall moving forward. At least for the remainder of 2020. Look at his game log below:

He's had three-straight games with 2TDs and has six on the year. He has three 100-yard outings so far this year, this week's was over 200 yards on the ground. He has 588 rushing yards, which is 117 yards-per-game, which if extrapolated out across 16 games is 1881. And, if you take his 6TDs and extrapolate those out across 16 games, that equals 19.2. King Henry is untouchable in fantasy football moving forward. Unless someone offered me a Kamara or Zeke with another huge name, I wouldn't even consider moving Henry. I thought I'd toss that out there in case some of you are even thinking about selling high. Don't. Don't sell unless the offer is 'stupid' good.

Week 7: Justin Jefferson

Wow. Jefferson is a beast. He has had three 100-yard games already as a rookie, two of which were over 160 yards receiving. He has 3TDs on the year. Is this guy a top 12WR for the future? Is he a lock as a super high-end WR3? Higher? It is tough to say.. but, he is an every week starter from now on, that's for sure. If your WR room is too stacked to fit Jefferson into your lineup, then make a trade. Comment below with your team and ideas so we can cook up an idea to get you upgraded elsewhere by getting rid of the WR dilemma that's keeping Jefferson out of your WR3 spot.

Kenyan Drake

It's do or die for Drake this week, let's be honest. If you own him and have a true dilemma, post it below. If you are thinking of benching Drake for a waiver wire add or something crazy, I urge you to give Drake one more run out onto the field before you get too knee-jerk like. AZ is still feeding him, and he is electric. Don't let his lack of production make you think he isn't capable if he gets the volume in Week 6. Is there a chance AZ turns to Edmonds early? Sure, there is risk, but there is just as much risk in benching Drake (as a flex at least) than there is in starting him.

Lamar Jackson

If you own him, please don't consider benching him. You'd be surprised how many people are asking if they should bench Lamar this week for mediocre replacements. Look, we are just 5 weeks into the 2020 fantasy football season... we are heading into the 6th week... don't knee-jerk react on this one... and, in fact, go buy-low on Lamar where you can. Many people with decent back-up options are dealing Lamar on the cheap.

Chris Godwin

It looks like Godwin is a go for Week 6. Get him, Brady and Evans in the lineup if you should be so lucky to own any/all of them. This will be a shootout between GB and TB.

Chris Godwin

Still hurt, but elite in waiting, it might be a great time to sell some well-producing WR for Godwin, or maybe a combo of RoJo and Robby Anderson. Godwin is a top 5-8WR talent, but losing owners panic. This window for trade has never been more cracked open. Strike!

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Buy-low now. I get that CEH hasn’t been lights out all season, but keep in mind, if you’re doubting him, he had a TD called back last week due to a PI on Kelce (unrelated to the score), and he has had two games out of 5 with over 130+ total yards. When I look at CEH, I see a guy about to take off and score high-end RB1 value. The offense scores more than enough points and accumulates more than enough yards overall to feed Clyde what he needs. Situationally it has just been decent, but that’s not something I think stays the course. The thing is, at his now-current asking price, what would scare you off? I venture most owners would sell him for a Mixon, maybe a Miles Sanders... maybe even an ARob straight up. Try a package Gurley and Woods type offer for CEH. The window to buy low will close.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

After a monster Week 1 debut, Clyde Edwards-Helaire has begun to worry fantasy owners. He shouldn't worry anyone, though, as he has only played four NFL games in his young rookie career, and he surpassed 100 total yards in two of those four games. What's the problem? Yes, his only TD occurred in that Week 1 explosion, where he rushed for 138 yards and 1TD, but the guy had 134 yards in that second game I mentioned where he surpassed 100 total yards. He has also had 6, 5 and 3 receptions in each of his last three games. He is heavily involved and near impossible to tackle one-on-one, so the opportunities will come. The fact that he hasn't 'gone nuts' according to most indicates two things to me: 1) defenses won't be walking onto the field with any sort of game plan to shutdown CEH, they will instead be game planning against Kelce, Mahomes and Hill... 2) Current CEH owners in fantasy will sell lower than they should, so send offers.