Player Spotlights

Dynasty: Antonio Gibson

What a beast. First off, Washington needs to keep giving him the football for him to produce. Keep that in mind. I don't want to suggest that this guy won't be a RB2 go-forward, he should... he needs to be. If fed, he will explode. But, teams can certainly screw these kinds of things up. His 115-yard outing with 3TDs on Thanksgiving almost single-handedly won fantasy owners their Week 12 match-up. He has 8TDs over his last 4 games.. And, given the success Washignton had on the ground in this one, it's far more likely that they continue to feed Gibson than not. He has seen an increase in carries over the last three weeks as well (13-16 and then 20). He has a tough PIT match-up in Week 13, but on the year, and heading into 2021, this is top 20 overall player.

Week 12: Taysom cheat code again?

Last week may not be the only week you can use Taysom Hill at TE... You can use him in Week 12 at TE.. watch this video:

Week 12: Aaron Jones

AJones hasn't been going nuts over the last couple of weeks. Here is his game log this year:

It's important to note that he is TD dependent, clearly by that game log above; however, he has so much upside in redraft. He can have 4-5TDs in a 3-4 game span. So, in redraft, I love him as a top 5-10RB go-forward. In dynasty, though, I think it's time to sell. Sell high before the the lack of TDs becomes as consistent as his lack of rushing yards. TD dependency can only last so long. So, sell high.

Week 12: Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott could be back on track. Don't get overly excited, but it's time to start getting a bit optimistic. He had 100 yards rushing and a TD in Week 11, and there is a strong shot that he gets back to having 100 yard games (at least total) with a strong shot at a score... every week. Tony Pollard is still a must-cuff, and his big run in Week 11 will have someone else scooping him up if you don't (if he is even available on waivers).

Buy-Low: CEH

I know, I know, he hasn't been what we signed up for, but it's not because he was ever benched or he failed us. The dude, entering Week 11, ranks 9th in the NFL in rushing yards. For a 'bust', that's understated. I think CEH could have a big game in Week 11. If he doesn't, of course my worry will grow, not dude to lack of talent, but merely usage. But, if he has a huge Week 11 and strong Week 12, you may find him shockingly higher-ranked than you'd think. So, if you can trade through Week 11 kickoff, buy him low, redraft or dynasty.. in dynasty, specifically, he is one of my favorite buy-lows right now, as he has top 5RB upside for 2021 and beyond.

Buy-Low: Calvin Ridley

If you are in dynasty, and you can still trade, go get Calvin Ridley before he returns to form. The window is open until he drops a big game again, which could be this week. I see Ridley as a top 5WR all year next year, and people are maybe feeling like he was a mirage earlier this year. He is legit, he has top 5 upside at WR for 2021 and beyond.

Week 11: Taysom Hill (update)

I wrote on Hill about 48 hours ago, but the dude is now starting Week 11. Brees hit IR for a few weeks and Winston is not getting the start, and in ESPN leagues this is huge because Hill is designated as both QB and TE, which means this week you can start a Saints QB at your TE spot. Make sure he isn't available in your league.

Week 11: Kenyan Drake

Kenyan Drake is tough to trust right now, I get it. And, if you have safer options, by all means, let Drake prove himself before you sit a capable RB2. However, if you are flirting with scrub rushers in place of Drake, Drake had 100 yards rushing last week and really should have had at least one TD in that Week 10 outing. I think Drake holds a ton of risk this week, so know that.. but in Drake fashion, he holds about as much monster upside as he does monster risk, that's the nature of his talent/risk balance.

Week 11: Mike Davis & Christian McCaffrey

It looks like CMC is out yet again. That means Mike Davis will be fired up again in Week 11, and he is a top 5-7RB whenever starting. That offense force-feeds the RB, and Davis was excellent for almost the entire time CMC was out. He slowed recently, but that's expected from a RB not use to starter volume (let alone CMC volume, which CAR fed him). But, Davis has been rested a tad over the last couple weeks, so he should, like a rookie WR usually does, find his second wind. Start Davis in all formats go-forward for as long as he is starting.

Week 11: Kenny Golladay

It sounds like Kenny Golladay will be a go for Week 11, so check back with me on my SAT live stream on, where we will break this down and more. Where do you slot Golladay heading into Week 11 if he is in fact a go? I think 12-14 overall for WRs is a safe expectation range for Golladay, however, the news should guides us, so again, see you on my live stream for more!