Player Spotlights

Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones is a tough guy to rank right now. His ADP is climbing faster than most mid-range running backs, as the coaching staff seems to fully support him, and he really is in the driver's seat to start Week 1 and beyond. With golden boy Tom Brady under center in Arians high-octane passing attack, a rookie like Keyshawn Vaughn won't be trusted... protecting Brady will be a critical job duty of the Tampa runner, and rookies, especially this year, will need time to learn pass protection for their new teams. If injury should strike RoJo, Vaughn could get an eventual shot... but unless injury strikes, I really think RoJo will have a tough time losing the keys to the starting lineup. Plus, if you draft one, you can easily draft the other (in redraft), making the duo a pretty darn safe flex or cheap low-end RB2 play in 2020. LeSean McCoy could become the main back-up, or could even gain some main work... so monitor his climb or fall in this offense and react accordingly. But, for now, RoJo could shape out to be a low-end RB2 in 2020.

Miles Sanders

I know tons of you love Miles Sanders heading into 2020. I get why. He is ultra talented, and reminds so many, including myself, of Alvin Kamara - at least in some ways. That said, he has multiple red flags, something that needs to be present for me to tag someone as an avoid. One red flag all by itself may not have me running for the hills at all... look at Kenyan Drake, he has a huge red flag in that he has struggled to be featured his entire career. But, that's one single red flag. He has situation, and finished 2020 on fire... there are tons of reasons to love him, and really only the one reason to doubt him. Sanders has multiple red flags, as he holds some injury risk (and he just popped up on the injury report this week with a lower leg injury, which kept him out of action). On top of injury, that Eagles' coaching staff historically uses multiple running backs. For me, there is just no way I'm taking Sanders at his current ADP, which has recently climbed into the 1.09-2.02 range. That's leaving no room for missteps. At all. Give me a safer Josh Jacobs in 2020.

Darren Waller

With Mark Andrews playing through type-1 diabetes, which is an inspirational story, there is some reason to question his cemented-in TE3 value in 2020. He will be testing his finger/glucose levels near 30 times per game, and there is some concern about missed time at some point. It’s not enough of a concern to move him down even 2 spots from 3 to 5, but I would suggest thinking about Darren Waller in round 6-7 vs Andrews in 4. Waller has near the same upside if you ask me and 1100/7-9TDs is doable in 2020. You may see him hit the Bold Predictions in the next day or so.

Kelce / Kittle

I have no clue why both Travis Kelce and George Kittle are both falling into the third-round on the regular. I mean, more often than not, one of these guys, if not both, is available at 3.01-3.04, and it's madness. This year is the year I would likely consider drafting either at the tail-end of Round 2, something I usually stay away from. Well, I am staying away from it this year, too, as both fall to the third-round and I want that upside all day long. Some of my favorite drafted teams thus far in 2020 have been ones where I got Barkley or Zeke at the 1.01-1.03 range and paired that runner with two of Mahomes, Lamar, Kittle or Kelce.

Kenny Golladay

How can you not love Kenny Golladay's 3.01-3.05 ADP. He falls into that range more often than not, and only Travis Kelce and George Kittle (assuming Mahomes and Lamar aren't also available) has more attractive 3.01-3.05 value. Snag him as your 3rd-drafted player and sneaky-good WR1 and you should be on your way to building a dominant team. It wouldn't shock me one single bit if Golladay was a top 5WR in 2020.

DJ Chark

I love how undervalued DJ Chark is right now in fantasy football mocks. He goes often in the 5th-round, and the dude has low-end WR1 appeal. Don't reach for him, use his 5th-round ADP to your advantage in all upcoming 2020 fantasy football league drafts... but know that he has some low floor at that 5th-round valuation. There are not many WRs, if any, that have a higher floor given the ADP (with still the insane upside).

Kenyan Drake

Kenyan Drake is this year's Dalvin Cook, and to me, it's easy to see. I break down a lot of the details in this video, but their ADP trending has been near identical (going in 18-25 overall early on during the off-season, and climbing up to 10-15 overall in redraft)... all the way on down to upside and situation. Don't be shy about making Drake 10-14 overall pick. Like Clyde Edwards-Helaire, a guy I also lock into that range (yes, even in redraft), Drake is one of the league's most talented runners in space in a spread-out attack. Both backs are in the ideal situation for their skill sets, and both could be top 5 regulars in 2020 fantasy football.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

LeVeon Bell

LeVeon Bell's ADP is climbing fast, and for good reason. He is a PPR beast, even in his underutilized role in New York. Even if he doesn't see an increase in rushing usage, he can earn his investment value back in many cases. And, if New York trades him, or runs him a ton more than last year, he can explode from his current price tag. His ADP was around rounds 4/5 back in January and February, but since then it has climbed all the way up into the middle of Round 3. And, in some cases, I see him being contemplated around the tail-end of Round 2. I will lead with this... he is almost climbing too high in some cases, and at some point in the near future, I may fade him. Round 2 is too high in my view, but a lot of the time he still goes near the 3.10-4.02 range, and it's because of that I am still liking his value. He is a fine 4th-drafted player. Take full advantage of his typical 3.10-4.02 value before it climbs all the way into that 23-28 range on the regular. It may.

Nick Chubb

I love Nick Chubb per start, and I mean I think he is top 5-7RB material per start. But, because Kareem Hunt is climbing past 5.04 up into the 5.01 range, I'm starting to fade Nick Chubb in 2020... I'm avoiding him. Here is why below. Agree or disagree? Comment below!