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What's the Season Ending Injury Count up to?

With the C. Meredith injury (assuming, but that looked BAD) I'm tracking:

C. Meredith
J. Edelman
S. Ware
R. Tannehill

Am I missing anyone. This has been a rough start to the year for starting players (not to mention fantasy).


  • wh0urdadywh0urdady Posts: 3,620
    QB: Cousins
    RB: Mixon
    RB: Hunt
    WR: Julio
    WR: MThomas
    WR: Golladay
    Flex: Woods
    TE: Kittle
    DST: 49ers

    QB Arod
    RB: Guice, Love, Swift, Breida, Coleman, DThompson, Darrel Williams
    WR: Ruggs, Claypool, Agholor, Higgins, Keesean Johnson
    TE: D Waller
  • Isn't Will Fuller out for a while too?

  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 2,530
    Yep, totally blanked on him.
  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 2,530
    Isn't Will Fuller out for a while too?
    He's missing a big chunk but I was just randomly curious about season ending. 
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