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NEWS: Deshaun Watson wants a trade?

SmittySmitty Posts: 9,492

NEWS: Deshaun Watson wants a trade?

NEWS: According to numerous reports, one from ProFootballTalk, Deshaun Watson is potentially thinking about requesting a trade. Watson is said to be upset over the team keeping him out of the loop with roster and hiring decisions.

FANTASY TAKE: It would be an extreme understatement to suggest that Watson has been left out of the loop, proof by the DeAndre Hopkins massacre-of-a-trade that Watson was left in shock about when that went down. This Texans team is a disaster, and the decision-making is some of the worst we’ve ever seen for a sports organization. I wouldn’t fault Watson at all for wanting out of Houston, but his contract makes it a tough move to pull off, as there is supposedly a $21 million cap charge for unloading the stud QB. Still, anything can happen if the price is right and a team like New England overpays.

Possible landing spots:
  • 49ers (cutting Jimmy G would save roughly 24 million)
  • Patriots
  • Jets
  • Panthers
Let’s Talk Dynasty: Whether Watson ...

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- Smitty


  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,967
    People in hell want ice water...
  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 2,508
    I don't see a scenario where Watson gets traded. If HOU is trying to rebuild their team they need him at the helm.

    I suppose he could be so fed up with them that he simply refuses to play for the franchise any longer.... I guess we'll see.
  • LocalKineLocalKine Posts: 1,084
    If he really pushes it...#2 overall pick, Seattle's first-round pick, + 2022 first round-pick. I don't know, the Jets might have the draft capital to pull that off.
    10-team, non-PPR, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 FLEX, 1 TE.
    2021 keepers: QB Patrick Mahomes, RB Christian McCaffrey, RB Dalvin Cook, RB Ezekiel Elliott, WR AJ Brown, WR Courtland Sutton, WR Diontae Johnson, WR Laviska Shenault, WR Henry Ruggs
  • the_FULL_effectthe_FULL_effect Posts: 2,124
    His team didn't hire a GM for a year and he's now upset about not being a part of roster and hiring decisions?

    At least make a request when the team was oscillating between rebuilding and going all in.
  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,967
    Watson was the Falcons ballboy once upon a time. I would love Atlanta to bring him home.
  • footballchixfootballchix Posts: 970
    not sure why he resigned other than injury protection. i would have demanded trade after hopkins.

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