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FAST QUESTION: Zeke or Pollard

12-man, 1 ppr championship Zeke or Pollard? I feel like Zeke may not do well. HELP!

QB—Allen, Lamar RB—Zeke, Henry, Cohen, Rountree (R), Evans (R), Hawkins (R), Coleman, Pollard, Scott, McFarland WR—Hopkins, Diggs, Lamb, Beasley, TWilliams, Coutee TE—Pitts (R), Tonyan, Graham PK—Lutz, Koo DEF—Ravens

QB—Watson, Lawrence (R), Big Ben, Minshew, Heinike (R) RB—Conner, David & Duke Johnson, Edmonds, Breida, Ty Johnson WR—Hill, Allen, Jeudy, Jefferson, EMoore, Shenault, AMiller, TTerry (R) TE—LThomas, Pitts (R), Kmet, Trautman PK—Bass DEF—Bears

QB—Mahomes, Rodgers, Mayfield, Hill RB—Kamara, Singletary, Mostert, Cohen, Booker, Perine WR—Chase (R), Devonta (R), EMoore (R), Beasley, MJones, Ward, Pascal, Hardman, Reynolds, Higgins, Tre'Quan, Fitzpatrick (R) TE—LThomas, Firkser, Graham, Hurst, Kmet PK—Gano DEF—Seahawks


  • TBLTBL Posts: 904
    I would roll out Zeke but I wouldn’t trust either of them to get you anything substantial on the scoreboard.
  • Zeke..
    Winning Fantasy Football Championships is easier without pants on.
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