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No clue who to play I set wrong lineup every week

Need 1 wr and 2 flex out of

Juju vs jags
D Harris vs Texans
Gio vs skins not sure Mixon is out or in
Ballage vs jets
Dj moore vs lions
Dj chark vs Steelers

Leaning juju and Harris and coin flip dj moore and ballage


  • DJ, DJ & Juju
  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 13,053
    Juju, Chark and Ballage.
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  • DemigodrvaDemigodrva Posts: 1,200
  • DJ,Chark and Ju Ju
  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 5,565
    JuJu, Moore, and Chark
  • Doobie_SnacksDoobie_Snacks Posts: 4,416
    Moore, Chark, Juju.. None of the RBs are guaranteed to be used as we think. You can easily get Belichicked and Chargers have no clear RB1 without Ekeler as it keep changes.
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  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,511
    DJ, DJ, JJ
    QB—Lamar, Allen, Big Ben, Tyrod
    RB—EE, Henry, Cohen, Mostert, Evans (R), Coleman, Pollard
    WR—MThomas, Diggs, Lamb (R), Lazard, Hardman, Renfrow, Beasley, Claypool
    TE—Doyle, Jonnu, Thomas

    QB—Watson, Stafford, Tyrod
    RB—Conner, David & Duke Johnson, Cohen, Breida, DWilliams, Edmonds
    WR—Hill, Allen, Golladay, Jeudy (R), Jeffery, Jefferson (R), Amendola, Miller, Watson, Dorsett
    TE—IThomas, LThomas, DArnold, Kmet, Trautman
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