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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Okay, now is the time to brag about that great move you made, to yell at your studs that flopped, and then vent about whatever bit of nasty happened this week.

The Good: Allen was a QB I liked a lot, but wow, 35 points? Didn't see that coming. I'll take it. David Johnson did well, so if you took a flier a bit later, good for you. Got me 20 points. Anthony Miller for 17 points? I'll take that, too. Lazard for 18 points, I'll also take that. Same as Watkins for 21. Did anyone start Malcolm Brown? Those 26 points were sweet. Rookie DE Chase Young for 19 points? I like that.

The Bad: Michael Thomas, where were you? This is not what your top WR should put up, in dynasty, or redraft. That's an early pick. UGH. It'll be fine, but still. Ian Thomas didn't do much, was hoping for much more from the TE with Olsen gone. Bears DEF for 2 points? Come on, man. Dangit. Hurst for six points? I mean, I have him as a top 10 TE, with UPSIDE. Yikes. Benching Crowder? Bad call on my part. 24 points. Ingram for 2.9 points also sucks.

The Ugly: Bell, in general. Lack of points, got hurt, if you took him early, ouch. I took him in the 4th round as my RB2 and still sucks. Tough to have a good IDP day when your IDPs are getting 12-15 points and your opponent is getting 37 POINTS for one guy. Ouch.

QB—Lamar, Allen, Big Ben, Tyrod
RB—EE, Henry, Cohen, Mostert, Evans (R), Coleman, Pollard
WR—MThomas, Diggs, Lamb (R), Lazard, Hardman, Renfrow, Beasley, Claypool
TE—Doyle, Jonnu, Thomas

QB—Watson, Stafford, Tyrod
RB—Conner, David & Duke Johnson, Cohen, Howard, Breida, DWilliams, Edmonds
WR—Hill, Allen, Golladay, Jeudy (R), Jeffery, Jefferson (R), Amendola, Miller, Watson, Dorsett
TE—IThomas, LThomas, DArnold, Kmet, Trautman


  • footballjunkiefootballjunkie Posts: 213
    edited September 15
    The good:
    In my 12 team PPR redraft, QB’s were flying off the board fast. Allen was my target, round was early, rd 6, but again Qbs we’re flying. I took him as the 10th QB off the board... Ridley and DJ

    The bad:
    Mixon May have just had the worst game he’ll have all season. So I still like the guy because the volume will be there.

    The ugly:
    Vikes D gave me negative 9 points smh
  • i took bell 7.4. the great news is i decided to pick up snell sunday night.

  • The Good= Ridley & Slayton ballin.

    The Bad= McLaurin. Devin Singletary is approaching droppable quickly.

    The Ugly= OBJ woes continue. Jeudy drops.

  • The Good = Da Bears pulled out a miracle victory from the jaws of defeat

    The Bad = I got 1 point from Da Bears DT and 1.70 points from Conner before getting hurt

    The Ugly = I lost by 0.04 points (1 passing yard / less than 1 rushing or receiving yard)!!!

  • The Ugly = I lost by 0.04 points (1 passing yard / less than 1 rushing or receiving yard)!!!

  • IcemanIceman Posts: 6,565

    The Ugly = I lost by 0.04 points (1 passing yard / less than 1 rushing or receiving yard)!!!

    Thursday stat corrections could save it.... B)
  • The good - My "Bitch At Chuck" (BAC) team was the high scorer and destroyed my opponent and looks to do the same this week

    The bad - My other two teams, which are actually pretty good, both lost late on Monday and both will probably struggle all year

    The ugly - Injuries to MT, Godwin and maybe AJ Brown. I have all 3 of them on my BAC team and 2 of them on one of the others
    10 Team Dynasty - All TDs = 6 / PassingYd = .04 / Rushing-ReceivingYd = .10 / No-PPR / No Bonus
    - - - - - - - - - - - Starting requirements = QB - RB - RB/WR - WR - WR/TE - TE - DST - K
    QB - Wilson, J. Allen, Stafford, Minshew, Herbert / RB - Saquon, Zeke, Kamara, D.Cook, Mattison, Pollard, Latavius Murray, Eno Benjamin
    WR - M.Thomas, Hopkins, Godwin, A.J.Brown, Chark, Lamb, Claypool / TE - M.Andrews. Hockenson, Gesicki, Hurst
    DST - Ravens, Vikings / K - Elliott
    12 Team Dynasty - TDs = 4-6 / PassingYd =.04 / Rushing-ReceivingYd =.10 / PPR / Bonus 3 at 300-100
    - - - - - - - - - - - Starting requirements = QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1TE - 1FlexRWT - DST - K
    QB - Cousins, Darnold / RB - A.Jones, Ingram, DJ, K.Johnson, Dillon, JamaalWilliams, D.Harris, R.Armstead, Benjamin
    WR - Hopkins, K.Allen, DK.Metcalf, Claypool, Perriman, Boykin, Westbrook, / TE - Gesicki, Hurst, Trautman, Dissly
    DST - Steelers, Buccaneers / K - Lutz
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