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Julio trade


Thinking about trading Julio for the team in sig, Jones one of my favorite players and i thought i would be a championship caliber team this year. I am currently 500 and in a playoff spot

should i sell him off or keep him. I have potential offer of DJ Moore and a late 1 or Ridley and late 1. Dude is stacked already and do not really want to trade him Julio

would you prefer Moore or Ridley?

let me know your thoughts
Team #1 QB - Watson, Mayfield
RB- D. Henry, L.Bell, Mixon, Guice, Mattisson,
WR - M. Thomas, K. Allen, Sheppard, Kirk, Fuller, M. Brown
TE - Kittle, J. Smith

Taxi Squad: T. Higgins, Claypool Diontae Johnson

Requirements: 1 QB/2-4 RB/1-4 WR/1-3 TE/1 DEF, 1 PPR


  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 8,302
    Ridley for me
  • Julio Jones is still a WR1 and if you don't want a team that is already stacked getting more stacked then don't make the trade. Or make him overpay to get Julio. Knowing he is stacked it would take more then what would end up being a late 1st and Ridley or Moore to get Julio from me.

    Far as DJ Moore or Ridley go I'd prefer DJ Moore. Julio Jones will still be #1 WR for the Falcons for a couple more years before the torch is passed like Roddy White did for Julio.
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  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 5,241
    I'd want more value for Julio...I would prefer Ridley to be part of the trade if he raises the offer.
  • Keep Julio at that price. Maybe both guys and the 1st would be tempting, but I keep Julio in your situation.

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