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Pick up Gronk? Yes or No?

I would have to drop Pollard for him.

What are the chances he actually comes back? He will get snagged this week for sure.


  • ray9erdadray9erdad Posts: 262
    edited September 12
    Do it Friday night/Saturday morning if you can hold off so Pollard is untouchable until next waivers. Just to "see". If RB stable is already pretty solid...
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  • I had Gronk on my team. Dropped him. He’s not coming back until no earlier than week 14. Too late for me to use him. I have Ertz and Mark Andrews so I’m good at TE anyway.
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,650
    If you are familiar with my posts in regard to gronk you would quickly realize I love the dude.... Gronk smash... Having said that my gut says he has no intention of coming back.... Football hit his body hard.... Stay away and enjoy life gronk..
  • Picked him up in one league where my redraft TE are bad.
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