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Golladay vs Mike Evans

hey all. I have a good team so essentially this would be my flex...

i could give Golladay and 2020 first (top 4 as guys team is awful) for Evans...

Two things have me hesitant. Could kenny be as good as mike? next years draft class?

am i overthinking! Help appreciated!


  • ScorpScorp Posts: 376
    basically, you're trading a mid round receiver for a mid round receiver. if you trying to trade up, for evans, your just breaking even. if you are trying to trade down, get some more out of it.
    Disfunctional Maniac
  • ScorpScorp Posts: 376
    keep golladay, and ask for more
    Disfunctional Maniac
  • ScorpScorp Posts: 376
    hate it when people try to rip you off, it's the main reason I have rare trades. they don't like what i come back with them with.
    Disfunctional Maniac
  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 4,880
    I'd rather M.Evans over Golladay and a 1st.
  • Keep Evans.. I agree they trying to rip you off
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  • Evans....same age & Evans is the better player
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  • boyzballboyzball Posts: 1,224
    This should not have even been a thought. Still your hand youngster.
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