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Who are the Top Win-A-League RBs for 2020?

Kyler Murray



  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,859
    I want to believe...the Cardinals firmly believe... the media clearly wants to believe to the point where they are shoving him down our throats before he has taken actual game snaps....first preseason game looked good but Controlled offense that was safe and scripted... The second game looked really bad. ...same scripted safe offense...roll outs and quick reads....he just looked so tiny.... Like super tiny.....I left watching the game with one conclusion.... More then any qb in the league if he is gonna be successful the offense needs to be 100% catered to his skills... Aaron Rodgers... Tom brady...hell baker Mayfield. All those guys can play the qb position in nearly all types of convinced Murray can't....just my gut talking
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