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Auction Keeper Evans $37 vs Cooper $29

Can keep 2 keepers am keeping K Johnson for $5. What should my other be Evans at $37 or Cooper at $29? $200 total for league. Thanks


  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,580
    Evan for me
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  • boyzballboyzball Posts: 1,224
    Easily Coops they did damage last season. Full off season the rapport with Dak and Coops should be even better!
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  • HellAtlanticHellAtlantic Posts: 1,196
    Evans is not $8 better than Cooper. How many more pts would he have to get over Cooper to justify keeping him? They’re both tier 2 WRs, both out of the top 5.
  • I would keep Evans over Cooper.
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  • DemigodrvaDemigodrva Posts: 999
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