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D.Montgomery or D.Henderson

So who you taking this year in redraft guys? Monty or Henderson and why? why? why?

I got Hendy because I don't think the knee on Todd Gurley is good enough to FINISH the season. Monty is just going too early and Mike Davis was not signed to warm the bench. Monty might get the most touches. (Monty is going like 3 to 5 roundish) Now I can take Monty in the 5th round but im getting Aaron Jones and Kerryon Johnson in 3 and 4 respectively and then Monty 5th rd. I didn't reach, im good with who I got at rb. Now if Mike Davis somehow got hurt.....then yes Monty starting from the Davis injury to finish the season looks really great! Good luck all!
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  • bruceflashbruceflash Posts: 190
    Monty. Mike Davis got the start on Thursday but I bet they give Montgomery future first team reps after his last performance. Plus he has bell cow size. Hendy is a satellite plus back but I believe if Gurley gets hurt, the Rams will plug in Malcolm Brown and leave Hendy at the change of pace role. I know. Not a popular opinion on a Sleeper U forum. I'm just not as high on the guy as Smitty.
  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,993
    Montgomery is the starter, Henderson needs Gurleys knee to give up. Monty all day and that choice is reflected in ADP

    I’m targeting both in Redrafts this year
  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,319
    Monty by a LOT.
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  • chrisrezchrisrez Posts: 213
    Monty for sure
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  • TheDudeTheDude Posts: 2,345

  • JasJas Posts: 67
    david montgomery
  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,675
  • chaindog35chaindog35 Posts: 493

    Monty by a LOT.

    I am in this boat. He is the starter now. You don’t have any uncertainty. I think he’s a good value
  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 12,265
    You're pulling our leg right? The Bear.
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  • TheDude said:


    Exactly, why limit yourself to just one of them, lol. Monty over Hendy for me though.
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  • WTCM said:

    You're pulling our leg right? The Bear.

    Just your leg. :tongue:
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  • TheDude said:


    "OK, pick 1.04, you're up."

    "Darrell Henderson and David Montgomery"

    "Which one?"

    " Both."
  • HellAtlanticHellAtlantic Posts: 1,420
    Hey is there’s not a rule against it then technically it’s allowed lol
  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,993
    In what world are they drafted next to each other? I think was the point..
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,755
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