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Need to Drop 1

Winston, J Allen, or Jimmy G

Someone for what reason I don’t know, just released Benny Snell to waivers so (especially since I have Samuels) I’m putting in a claim. Which QB could u do without? Thanks

(Not a Superflex League)
Standard / Dynasty / Pass TD : 6
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  • Winston puts up some huge games but he also has absolute disasters. I like Josh Allen and Jimmy G over him if I had to choose
    10 Team PPR
    Mahomes, Luck, Allen
    Gurley, Hunt, White, Clement, Booker, RoJo (TS)
    Alshon, Gordon, Tate, Funchess, Sutton, Hogan, Gabriel, Anthony Miller, David Moore, Zay Jones (TS), John Ross (TS), Curtis Samuel (TS)
    Rudolph, Cook
  • boyzballboyzball Posts: 1,226
    I am 100% not believing in this guy ever > Winston.
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  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,675
  • bruceflashbruceflash Posts: 190
    Josh Allen
  • swampiesswampies Posts: 4,247
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    boyzball said:

    I am 100% not believing in this guy ever > Winston.

    Drop Winston like a pinched loaf 💩
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  • JasJas Posts: 67
    You rostered Winston, now drop him
  • TBLTBL Posts: 857
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    I drop Jimmy G
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,972
    Allen isn't in the discussion for me...he takes a small step in his passing and he is top 10....jimmy or Winston.... Hmmmmmm..... I think out of the two Winston in that Arians offense with that horrible defense has the upside to be an actual top 5 fantasy qb.... What has Jimmy even done? Bye jimmy
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,755
    If the Bucs lose one or two defensive players they will be playing from behind A LOT and Winston will be throwing it to anyone in a Bucs uniform. I wrote it before in my Tampa Bay write up post "he could have 5000 yds and 40 tds buyer beware may have 25 ints as well" and I still think this could happen.
    Here is a link to what Blaine Gabbert has done over his career:
    He won't be starting unless Winston get's hurt.

    Jimmy G potential, potential, potential

    Josh Allen gut feeling he'll be pretty good.

    to answer your question I'd drop Allen to get Snell
    good luck
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  • chaindog35chaindog35 Posts: 493
    I would leave Snell on the wire and keep the qbs. Snell does not impress me at all
  • RamosianoRamosiano Posts: 422
    I would drop Allen too...
  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 12,265
    All three QBs have glaring weaknesses. Winston should be the top performer this year. Long term Allen may be the guy. Jimmy hasn't shown a lot but this year could. If your in a position to compete retain Winston, if not drop him.
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