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OTC @ 1.01

Rmadrid86Rmadrid86 Posts: 146
Draft just started and the 1.01 is panicking. 8 hour timer he’s offering me 1.01 for Godwin and my 2020 1st. I currently have my 2020 1st and three 2nd rounders next year. Y’all think this is worth N’Keal (that’s who ide take) 12 team standard league


  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 10,936
    What pick do you have? Can we see your roster?
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  • OdellBeckhamSrOdellBeckhamSr Posts: 3,019
    I’d take that
  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 7,480
    Nope... I’d keep Godwin & 1st

    If it were a 2nd I’d consider it more but still hesitant. Big on Godwin
  • Rmadrid86Rmadrid86 Posts: 146
    Orphan team I took over looked a lot worse
    (hard to imagine I know lol)

    2019 picks
    1.8, 2.2, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.10, 2.12, 5.2
    2020 picks
    1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

    Godwin, Goodwin, Lockett, Foster, Edelman, Fuller

    D Cook, Guice, Drake, Conner, Samuels,
  • Whos_Ur_DoggieWhos_Ur_Doggie Posts: 4,800
    Godwin + 2020 1st > Harry in my opinion.
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • Rmadrid86Rmadrid86 Posts: 146

    Godwin + 2020 1st > Harry in my opinion.

    Nice k feel better about declining
  • Whos_Ur_DoggieWhos_Ur_Doggie Posts: 4,800
    edited June 12
    1.08 could get you AJ Brown, Samuel, Hardman, Campbell..... and you still have Godwin.
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • TheDudeTheDude Posts: 2,116
    Not sure this trade really improves your team. You have a solid base at RB with Conner, Cook, etc

    I would not trade away next years first.

  • IcemanIceman Posts: 4,752
    edited June 12
    Agree with ^this^
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,233
    The guys got you covered.
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  • You are rebuilding and need more pieces. Keep what you have.

  • Offer him Edelman, 1.08, 2.08 FOR 1.01

  • OdellBeckhamSrOdellBeckhamSr Posts: 3,019
    I’d still take it. Draft Jacobs then get campbell @1.8.

    You can trade for a 20’ first during the season if u want one. Cheap price for 1.1
  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,069
    Stand pat
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