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Aaron Jones RB

swampiesswampies Posts: 3,434
Will Aaron Jones be a 5-10 RB?
Will his ceiling keep climbing under a new coach?
Do you think he’ll break a 1000 yards ?

Or have we seen the best we’ll see of him?
(I'm not a expert but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!)
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  • georgegeorge Posts: 421
    Can Jones stay off the weed and out of trouble?
  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 10,161
    edited April 11
    Whoa top 5? Maybe if he was playing in the CFL.

    Packers offense is good enough to have a 1500 total yards 12 TD RB. They do need to commit to one back, and give the back 15 plus carries to do so. If Jones can stay outta trouble, and remain healthy, he should surpass 1k easy. Top 5 might be a stretch.
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  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,419
    If he continues getting fed he’s a lock for a top 10 RB IMO
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