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5 Bold Predictions Now! Dropped another...

- Smitty


  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 1,287
    I tend to agree. Something is wrong there—health, injury, mental state, scheme, coaches, in the doghouse, etc. Not sure what. Glad I don't own any shares at this point.
    D3: QB—Allen, BIGBEN, Mariota, Rudolph; RB—COHEN, EE, Gore, HENRY, McGuire, Samuels; WR—Amendola, Chark, Gallup, LANDRY, MILLER, Reynolds, Sutton, THOMAS, Washington; TE—BURTON, Jonnu, Shaheen; PK—ZUERLEIN; DEF—RAVENS. // D4: QB—Fitzpatrick, Rudolph, WATSON, Winston; RB—COHEN, CONNER, Edmonds, HOWARD, Jackson, Samuels; WR—ALLEN, Amendola, Cain, Chark, Dorsett, GOLLADAY, Harris, HILL, JEFFERY, MILLER, Perriman, Williams; TE—Gesicki, McDonald, OLSEN, Watson; PK—GOSTKOWSKI; DEF—RAMS.
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