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NO Saints

Im curious if anyone feels the same way as me? The Dallas defense is pretty good and may even be underrated; however, I have felt the Saints have "played it safe" for a few select games this year. Their offense looks entirely different, and I know (as a lifelong Cowboys fan) that something is going on.
10 team redraft - 1pt PPR - 1qb, 3wr, 2rb, 1te, 1flex 1def, 1k

QB: Russell Wilson
WR: J. Jones, Hopkins, Lockett, Diggs, A. Miller
RB: Aaron Jones, Drake, Mostert, D. Washington, Mattison, Boone
TE: Waller, Hollister
Def: Pittsburgh
K: Butker


  • Im curious if anyone feels the same way as me?

    What's your conclusion? How do you feel?
  • I'm confused with your statement. What are you asking? What are your suspicions?

  • DAXDAX Posts: 2,029
    The saints looked the same to me. The only difference is the cowboys defenders actually tackled. Kamara should be tackled for little gains every time he touches the ball. However 90% of defenders in the nfl have no idea how to tackle so he makes extra yards to put the saints in the front foot. Keep brees in 3rd and long, get pressure on him and good things happen.

  • Especially at only 6 feet tall, when he gets pressure straight up the middle, Brees can get rattled. The rest of the DCs in the league will surely be studying this game to see how to contain the Saints.

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