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Join me 1 HOUR before SUN Kickoff on my YOUTUBE Show... Ask questions live!

U: TheFantasyFootballShow launches 1/1/2019

- Smitty


  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 7,480
    Nice, awesome Smitty!!
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,233
    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
    Mod - Sleeper U
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 8,396
    Fantasy Lessons, Draft Pick trading explained, it's gonna be awesome.
    - Smitty
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 8,396
    If I could ask a favor, and it will help you stay in the know on the show/developments...

    Can you all like/follow us on Vimeo? I know many may not have an account, so i know it's a pain, but it will be worth the follow to get some updates:

    - Smitty
  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 1,967
    Any reason for Vimeo over YouTube?
  • wh0urdadywh0urdady Posts: 3,391
    Just traded a mid-late 2019 1st for cousins
    QB: Cousins, Jackson Bortles, Dalton
    RB: Mixon, Hunt, Coleman, Ware, Breida
    WR: Julio, M Thomas, Golladay, DT, Crabtree, Agholor, Higgins , Moncrief
    TE: Gronk, Rudy, ASJ, Kittle
    DST: LA Rams

  • SmittySmitty Posts: 8,396
    SMFFCN said:

    Any reason for Vimeo over YouTube?

    It will be on both but private Subscribers only shows can be locked down on Vimeo, so you’ll see a mix. Any live streams will be YouTube.
    - Smitty
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