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Rankings suggestion.

Hey, Smitty. Love you. Love the site. Long time listener, first time -- never mind.

Anyway, I personally would love it if your rankings (especially the editable/printable one) included tiers. I think the best way to draft is to get guys at or near the bottom of tiers. You're better off, generally, getting the QB3 in a 3-QB Tier 1 than the QB1 because you drafted him later and got better value. This is true at every position across the board. I'd love to be able to slide my guys around like you can on the editable page, but also slide them in and out of tiers. As it's not real tough....I just put line demarcating where I feel each tier falls. That said, I like seeing your take on things, so I wouldn't mind having your take on each position's tiers.

That's all. :)


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