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week 1 preseason

Who increased their draft value?
Jalen Hurd. Hard to trust a Baylor WR.

Did any players decrease their ADP?


  • HellAtlanticHellAtlantic Posts: 1,159
    One doesn’t make draft decisions based off of week 1 preseason performance.
  • holdenbmxholdenbmx Posts: 159
    Dexter Williams, the best performance of ANY rookie RB after week 1. 80 yards...I LOVE his upside, perfect for the scheme, similar metrics to Jones (oft-injured) and far better metrics than Jamaal. A league-winner if Jones goes down in my opinion, and a great future if the Pack realizes he is very close to Jones as a runner but better in Pass-Pro. We'll see but I love me some Dexter Williams yet strangely, the media stays quiet...for now!
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,503
    I wouldn't change any draft value but I would most definitely put some names in the Rolodex
    J. Hurd WR SF
    A. Walter RB SF
    K. Murray QB AZ
    D. Ogunbowale RB TB - Barber and Rojo are going to be 1/2 Ogun would be the Barber backup imo
    M. Gay K TB - yeah he did his job that's a huge improvement :)
    P. Williams WR Miami - keep an eye on this guy .... just saying

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  • swampiesswampies Posts: 3,979

    This guys story is amazing. I knew about him earlier in the year. He went to a community college after no their college in division 1, 2, and 3 pass him up. When graduated he tried out at all 32 nfl teams except Cleveland. He maxed out all his credit cards and used the last of his money to tryout in Florida for Cleveland. The rest is history. Then he runs back a 86 yard return yard TD in the fourth quarter. This guys story is a movie in the making. I hope it continues, I hope he gets signed
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  • PDTDTPDTDT Posts: 682
    Cousins, Dalton
    DJohnson, DCook, JHoward
    AJGreen, DHop, SDiggs
  • boyzballboyzball Posts: 1,224
    Jakobi Myers is on fire.
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