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Is anyone paying attention to the AAF or XFL?

I'm honestly intrigued. I know there have been other attempts in the past but these two start ups just might succeed (within reason) and I've been pleasantly surprised with the product that was produced last night. Very watchable, IMO and could produce a whole new avenue of future fantasy/NFL talent.... this is the part I'm most interested in. If theses two leagues take hold and stick around we could find ourselves monitoring both of them (in addition to college) in preparation for our dynasty/redraft drafts. Sounds fun to me!


  • I don’t know if there’s room for TWO additional leagues, that might be overkill, but I can see one of them emerging. I think there’s enough disdain for the nfl with all the kneeling that ppl might be willing to embrace a league that’s just about football. Might force the NFL to have to adapt and make drastic changes if that’s the case.
  • Is Vince McMahon involved?
    10 Team Dynasty - All TDs = 6 / PassingYd = .04 / Rushing-ReceivingYd = .10 / No-PPR / No Bonus
    - - - - - - - - - - - Starting requirements = QB - RB - RB/WR - WR - WR/TE - TE - DST - K
    QB - Wilson, J. Allen, Stafford, Minshew, Bridgewater, Haskins / RB - Saquon, Zeke, Kamara, D.Cook, Mattison, Pollard
    WR - M.Thomas, Hopkins, Godwin, A.J.Brown, Chark, AJG, M.Williams, H.Butler / TE - M.Andrews. Hockenson, Gesicki, Hurst, OJ Howard
    DST - Ravens, Vikings / K - Gay
    12 Team Dynasty - TDs = 4-6 / PassingYd 25=1 / Rushing-ReceivingYd 10=1 / PPR / Bonus 3 at 300-100
    - - - - - - - - - - - Starting requirements = QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1TE - 1FlexRWT - DST - K
    QB - Cousins, Trubisky, Darnold, Fitzpatrick / RB - A.Jones, Ingram, DJ, K.Johnson, Dillon, JamaalWilliams, D.Harris, R.Armstead, Benjamin
    WR - Hopkins, K.Allen, DK.Metcalf, Claypool, Perriman, Boykin, Westbrook, Valdes-Scantling / TE - Gesicki, Hurst, Trautman, Dissly, V.McDonald, Griffin
    DST - Steelers / K - Lutz
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,753
    Watching AAF game right now. See what happens
    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
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  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,753
    Starting running backs Trent Richardson and Zac Stacy
    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
    Mod - Sleeper U
  • Starting running backs Trent Richardson and Zac Stacy

    LOL - I guess that answers the worthiness of watching.

  • SmittySmitty Posts: 8,909

    Starting running backs Trent Richardson and Zac Stacy

    Two failed Bold Predictions 🤣 sometimes I feel something derailed both and under other circumstances they would have both excelled ha
    - Smitty
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,753
    So, not horrible football.

    Things I noticed:
    1) Mike Singletary was an awesome player - not so much a head coach
    2) Hackenberg is not a pro QB
    3) Luis Perez may very well be a pro QB in the making
    4) a there are a number of viable TE's not in NFL right now
    5) the WR/RB positions are comprised of guys that are missing something - concentration, work ethic, ball handling etc. they are "pretty good" but not NFL ready
    6) the Defenses have some solid talent

    If the NFL is planning on using this league as a feeder system then it may be cool. It's worked for the UFC they have the LFA that gets guys ready for the big show and some make it some don't.
    Over all it's football and it's not bad.
    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
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  • lukeb5301lukeb5301 Posts: 2,080
    So far not bad and impressed.. that said QB play will kill these leagues, they need to focus on Running.

    These are guys that couldn't make top 60-90qbs in the NFL and it shows.

    Aside from Perez that is
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