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    you did call this a few weeks back, and despite what ever they all are saying, something is not right or they'd have given him a ton of work when they needed it most in the SB

    I was not one to believe when you first posted your opinion, I'm more on board with this as a bigger possibility now. he's had 229, 278, 279, 256 (this year despite missing two games), and caught 21, 43, 64, snd 59 this year....

    SO his touch rate the last 3 years has been 321, 343, 315 this year. His knee is the same knee from Georgia, and the Rams were babying him since week 15 because they know they don't want to damage the goods (like Robert Griffin, overplay him when he's banged up and sustain a worse injury and drastically shorten his career - figured I'd spell it out for those with short memories).

    By all observations, there was something wrong with Gurley, and the Rams put a load limit that was very small on him in the playoffs when they had a very strong SB contending team. Baffling to me that he didn't demand more time, or the coaches and owners didn't sit down with the trainers and talk over the plan of abuse on the premiere RB.

    I was under the impression that the week off and rest int eh playoffs was so they could ride him like a Clydesdale in the SB, WRONG and don't see any way he's not got something wrong in that knee to get CJA carries over him the entire first half..... Its not a pain tolerance issue, it was the fricking SB, its got to something like an MCL that's not quite right, a small meniscus that keeps catching on the tear and needing to be cleaned up, or he's really seriously hurt and toughed it out and in either of those cases the Rams made a wise long term decision.
  • don't own, so no worries. but yeah, he's been off all year.
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    don't own, so no worries. but yeah, he's been off all year.

    not sure you can say all year...he was on fire for most of the season
  • boobam13 said:

    don't own, so no worries. but yeah, he's been off all year.

    not sure you can say all year...he was on fire for most of the season
    Yes he was... but, he just was unable to do this...

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    Do not care what McVay or Gurley says, this dude was very obviously playing below 100%. I suspect "Is Gurley a 2019 bust?" will be an off-season hot take that will prove to be a huge overreaction.
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    Someone is on the Bold Predictions.
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