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2019 NFL Rookie RB Discussion



  • Been a minute since I started a topic. Just wanted a thread where we can talk all upcoming rookie rbs. Can't remember a year where the top 8 rankings have been so different in people's minds...

    Agree. I know it's early but the RB rankings are all over the place. Having a pick 1.04-108 might not be so bad this year.
    Especially after you put in the top 3-4 WR'S... You could land a nice pick(RB) this year!!!

  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577's Daniel Jeremiah lists Alabama RB Joshua Jacobs sixth on his updated draft board.

    Not only is Jacobs the top rated running back on Jeremiah's board, he's the highest rated offensive player. He recently mocked the running back fifth overall to the Buccaneers with the fifth pick, so, long story short, he's clearly a fan. "Jacobs has the speed to get to the perimeter -- he's a weapon when lined up as a QB in the Wildcat and when he's used on fly sweeps from the slot," he writes. "In the passing game, Jacobs runs crisp routes, possesses natural hands and he's a make-you-miss specialist in space." Even if other analysts aren't as high on Jacobs, it's becoming clear that the 5-foot-10, 216-pound running back has a real chance to be the first position player selected in this class.


    Jan 22 - 7:29 PM
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577
    edited January 25
    5th overall? Wow.... I will say if I was drafting today I'd take him as the first rb off board
  • PDTDTPDTDT Posts: 628
    3 or 4 backs keep popping up - Damien Harris, Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery, Darrell Henderson and now this Singletary guy is coming out of nowhere and racing to the head of the class in some mocks... I've only seen Harris game footage and liked what I saw, but I'll watch closer and see who stands out at Senior Bowl, then you tube some footage of those backs
    Cousins, Dalton
    DJohnson, DCook, JHoward
    AJGreen, DHop, SDiggs
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577
    My rankings will change I got em

    Josh jacobs.. Limited use.. Full package

    David Montgomery.. Proven workhorse that catches

    Devin singletary...runs bigger then any small back I've seen....elite vision
  • IcemanIceman Posts: 4,749
    Great stuff @farfromhome .... great thread idea!!!
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577
    edited January 26
    In 37 career games David Montgomery has averaged almost 17 carries a game....pretty decent write up on him....
  • LocalKineLocalKine Posts: 1,026
    It'll be one of those rookie drafts. The teams picking 1.01-1.03 are a little annoyed because no obvious Gurley, Zeke, Barkley type is available...teams picking 1.04-1.10 are thrilled...because they might get someone who goes 1.02 in another league's draft.
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  • LocalKine said:

    It'll be one of those rookie drafts. The teams picking 1.01-1.03 are a little annoyed because no obvious Gurley, Zeke, Barkley type is available...teams picking 1.04-1.10 are thrilled...because they might get someone who goes 1.02 in another league's draft.

    Too true!

  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577
    In his latest running backs rankings, The Athletic's Dane Brugler tags Alabama RB Joshua Jacobs as RB1.

    Brugler has had no cause to shift Jacobs off the top spot since releasing his last rankings set in December. The analyst believes that the 5-foot-10, 216-pounder is "just scratching the surface of his multi-dimensional skill set" and "display[s] the explosive and versatile traits to be a three-down feature weapon in the NFL with Pro Bowl upside." For reference's sake, Devin Singletary, Damien Harris, David Montgomery and Trayveon Williams round out Brugler's top-five backs.
    Source: The Athletic Jan 30 - 12:19 PM
  • chaindog35chaindog35 Posts: 474
    Jacobs is looking like the #1 guy, but there is some nice depth in this rookie RB class
  • OdellBeckhamSrOdellBeckhamSr Posts: 3,017
    keep it coming FFH.

    Yes Jacobs looks to be the 1.1 so far. The guy runs with a purpose. Loves the contact.
  • The only thing that scares me about Alabama RBs is that their o-line and team itself is so dominant that almost any average RB can look amazing with the hols that they open up.

  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577
    Benny Snell - RB - Wildcats

    The Athletic's Dane Brugler ranks Kentucky RB Benny Snell as the seventh best running back in the class.

    Snell was sensational in his time with Kentucky, and his 1,449 yards and 16 touchdowns as a junior helped the Wildcats win 10 games that includes a Citrus Bowl victory over Penn State. Brugler notes that Snell has quality vision along with prototypical size for the position (5'11/223), and that he "runs with attitude and determination." His concerns for Snell come from his athleticism -- or possibly lack thereof -- and that he doesn't have great "burst." Brugler believes he would be drafted higher in the "1995" version of the NFL, but his ability to take a hit and stay durable still makes him a valuable NFL draft prospect.

    Source: The Athletic

    Jan 30 - 7:47 PM
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 8,387
    I love how Devin Singletary is so overlooked. Hope teams believe. He is Kamara. If someone lets him be...
    - Smitty
  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 1,807
    So I'm curious, all of you reading this, if you were picking today, pre-draft, pre-landing spot, who would you take at 1.01 and 1.02? I'm just going to say two RBS, no WR here. I've talked to Smitty about it, but wonder what you all say. I'm thinking Jacobs + Singletary. The rankings are all over the place.
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    DEF—Rams, Jags
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,577
    I'm still at

  • Montgomery
    Jacobs / Singletary

  • SmittySmitty Posts: 8,387
    Well, you don't need to take Singletary at 1.02, it would be crazy to. If you mean just predicting how things change, yes, I have him 1.01, but if drafting today, that's different. I wouldn't take him 1.01 because no one is drafting him high.
    - Smitty
  • Hawk12Hawk12 Posts: 3,495
    If I had 1.1 and 1.2 I'de be trading back right now.... To around 1.5 - 1.7 and taking the same players I'd take at 1.1 and 1.2 this year most likely.....
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