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Hargreaves to IR?

Being said that Tampa intends to place him on IR later today.
QB: Cousins
RB: Mixon
RB: Hunt
WR: Julio
WR: MThomas
WR: Golladay
Flex: Woods
TE: Kittle
DST: 49ers

QB Arod
RB: Guice, Love, Swift, Breida, Coleman, DThompson, Darrel Williams
WR: Ruggs, Claypool, Agholor, Higgins, Keesean Johnson
TE: D Waller


  • With the Buc's backfield they will have to score 40 points to stay in games.
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  • @rabidbucfan how do you think bucs plan using brate and howard? I’m having hard time starting howard but he played more snaps just like end of last season and seems to be favored by fits more than winston does.

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