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U: IDP Rankings Updated

SmittySmitty Posts: 9,000
- Smitty


  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,755
    these are just my opinion and I'm not into IDP as much as I have been - so grain of salt stuff

    Dee Ford LB move up inside top 50
    Dion Jordan DE move up inside to 35
    Hasson Reddick move up inside top 50
    Kendall Fuller DB new home top 45
    Derek Barnett DE top 35
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  • SmittySmitty Posts: 9,000
    Thanks man. IDP is tricking, as some scoring moves them around a lot. Great list, I'll factor that in.
    - Smitty
  • holdenbmxholdenbmx Posts: 159
    I don't see Matt Judon in LB list
  • icemicicemic Posts: 230
    I love how deep these go! Here are a few thoughts at first glance:

    - Sean Lee feels high because of his injury concern and depth at the position in DAL (but he is a beast when on the field)

    - I feel like Tremaine Edmunds and Roquon Smith are ranked too low based on talent and situation.

    - I think Jabrill Peppers is being far underrated on this list and most others based on him playing out of position at FS last year. All signs point to him lining up at SS and in the box a lot this year. This is basically where he thrived in college. Assuming this is true, he’s easily a DB2 with low end DB1 upside imo.
  • boobam13boobam13 Posts: 1,990
    Just my thoughts - IDP is tough to rank with some sites having guys classified as LB or DL so be careful and on the look out for those loop hole guys - guys that play LB on the field but are classified as DL on the sites - get a slight bump in production these guys would include names like Clowney, Vernon, Chandler Jones, Beasly - watch your waiver wire after about week 2/3 and look for guys who stand out as consistent producers for your DL spot

    As for the LBs who are the Cadillacs of the defense - again just my take

    Kirksey might be too high with their improved LB core - maybe a few less snaps

    McKinney is too high as he has never really been a LB2 at seasons end - maybe he puts it together this year and a healthy Watt can open things up, but drafting him as a high end LB2 - I think you will be disappointed

    J Brown - might not even be an every down starter with the Chargers

    Blake Martinez needs to get a bump up
    Myles Jack bumped up about 10/15 spots - going to be the MLB with a DL that will open up some lanes for him - if Paul P can be productive Jack will do very well
    T Edmunds - will be DROY and will be scoring amazingly well as much as that team will be on the field and for the great scoring crew in Buffalo
    R McMillian will be a great value if you can get him that late in drafts - Miami will be bad and that defense on the field a lot  
  • boobam13boobam13 Posts: 1,990
    Looking deeper at the LB rankings I think Malcom Smith from SF is a steal that late in the rankings

    Also a guy not even on the list would be Duke Riley from ATL

    Looking at DBs its tough because like DL they are very volatile and scheme changes effect them a lot - changes in defense in NY have me nervous for Collins being drafted as the number one guy -

    with an improved LB core I can see Reshad Jones slowing down a little as well

    Burnett was a product of him playing a hybrid role in GB, not sure how they will use him in PIT, the number 9 spot is way too high for him

    Buffalos Def will be on the field a lot so Poyer and Hyde should be solid DB2s again this season

    Keith Tandy shouldnt even make this list at 31

    Mcdouglan at 43 should be moved way up with Chancellor being gone

    Adoree Jackson at 68 could be a super steal in leagues that reward return yards

    Just a few thoughts -
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