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Paul Posluszny

IcemanIceman Posts: 6,103
Great player who had a great career.......

Paul Posluszny - LB - Jaguars

Jaguars LB Paul Posluszny retired after 11 seasons in the NFL.
A second-round pick by the Bills in the 2007 draft, Posluszny will be remembered as a Jaguar, where he spent the final seven seasons of his career. He only made one Pro Bowl (in 2013), but Posluszny was a quality starter throughout his career, racking up 1,213 tackles, 15 interceptions, and eight forced fumbles.
Mar 13 - 11:04 AM


  • Unbelievable IDP player

    I was only in a start 2 IDP league, and I would wait until the last round to grab this guy...always gave me solid stats
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    Kelce, Higbee
  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 8,298
    Poz was a beast at PSU and in the NFL.... great player!!!
  • Hawk12Hawk12 Posts: 3,600
    Linebacker U produced a great one here....
  • Paws was great in buffalo
    2017 NCAA sleeperu bracket winner. Changing lives one keystroke at a time.
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