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Test Post

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I don't want to over step my boundaries, but god do I feel this is needed and I love me some TEST POST!!!!! 

Lets the fun begin, again.

How did this topic begin?
 Test post
6 years ago

Please don't respond to this, I'm testing how something looks before I post it.

It looks blank

nope. can't get it to look right.
anyone know how to force a font like courier new?

Joe Divola
Dont force it, try a bottle of wine and flowers first Tongue out

I believe that you have to go to an office supply store by the name of Staples. I think they are a national chain. If you can find them, go into the store and ask them for an EASY button. They have been advertising them alot in St. Louis.
Hope that helpsWink

My bad…. Joe's idea is much better

oh, you both can go play in traffic!

try brushing your teeth first…

1 Brian Urlacher CHI MLB 123 92 31 5 0 17 5 1 0 2 0 174.0
2 Patrick Willis SF ILB 174 135 39 4 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 168.8
3 James Harrison PIT OLB 98 76 22 8.5 0 4 1 0 7 3 0 151.5
4 Thomas Howard OAK OLB 95 77 18 1 0 17 6 2 0 0 0 146.0
5 Marcus Trufant SEA CB 85 78 7 0 0 22 7 1 0 0 0 144.5
6 London Fletcher WAS MLB 128 100 28 0 0 13 3 1 0 1 0 144.3
7 DeMeco Ryans HOU MLB 128 99 29 2 0 8 1 0 1 3 1 143.8
8 Kirk Morrison OAK MLB 120 96 24 1 0 14 4 0 0 1 0 143.5
9 Nick Barnett GB MLB 131 102 29 3.5 0 6 2 0 0 1 0 142.3
10 D.J. Williams DEN MLB 141 106 35 1 0 6 1 0 2 2 0 140.5


like this one too… (smiley?)

Yeah… it is nearly impossible to post spread sheet data on message boards.
I've been trying on different sites for a few years now and the results are always dissatisfying.
The spacing in the spread never carries over to the message board, and makes the spread sheet author look like a boob. Mind you, I already have mastered that look (boob) without the help of my spread sheet mess-ter-pieces

You tell'em !!

So far this thead is 14 posts long even though the request was not to reply. Nice job turning the content, Kethnaab! ;)

Make it 15 !

yeah, Joe got things off to a beautiful start with his wiseass comments about the bottle of wine
I had to reread it like 3 times before I realized what he was talking about. By then, it was too late to be saved.
Anyway, what I’ve done was make up IDP spreadsheets. They track the NFL for the last several years and they provide results on just about everything that’s tracked in IDP, and then it calculates the IDP points based upon the different scoring methods, so you can sort by scoring method for the last several years and find out who has been the best each year at each time of scoring method (i.e. pure tackles, tackle-heavy, basic tackle, combined, and big play scoring methods) and then it also takes an average of the different scoring methods. It also sorts by position, so you can separate your DBs, DL, and LBs
Interestingly enough, the combined scoring method was almost always VERY close to the average, within a few points over the course of a season.
Anyway, I asked Smitty if he wanted the raw data and he said ‘hey, post it on the forums’. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to make that work.
Give me time, it might work eventually. Good data for IDPers

Joe Divola
Sorry couldnt help myself. I am like Ren in Space Madness when he is not supposed to push the red button, the shiney, candy like button Roll

nope. just ain't workin'

Don't reply to what!?!?!?!?!?

great thread!

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