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Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET WR

IcemanIceman Posts: 7,821
Hi Guys, Dynasty, PPR league, what do you guys think of Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET WR, got him in the 3rd round in a rookie only salary cap league, can taxi squad him or sign him to up to a 5 yr contract cheap ($1 a yr against a $124 cap). Smitty maybe an outlook on this guy?


  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 2,530
    He’s an excellent route runner and technician. I don’t expect much from the DET offense, so he’s ceiling will most likely be limited……. But the WR corps there is nothing special, he may climb up the ladder and get notable volume.
  • TripleThreatTripleThreat Posts: 1,036
    I really like him. I have been trying to get him in most of my drafts- so far I drafted him 5-6 times.
    The targets will be there for him imo...
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