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Went LIVE with AJ Brown today..

SmittySmitty Posts: 9,618
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Unfortunately, he didn't save the live stream on his IG profile, so it wasn't saved. I was on his live. But, i have some screen captures without sound. I asked him about 5 mins of questions, we have gone live before. I told him last year he would be a top 5WR on a live, and he said he had me join again today because of that live stream last year. He said some cool stuff, like Julio Jones is his idol and he wants to play with him. He said he didn't know if a trade would happen, he had no ideas... he was kinda excited/shocked when i said he was a top 12-15 overall potential player now. And he said he'd draft himself 1 overall or 2 after DHenry :)
- Smitty


  • fantasyislifefantasyislife Posts: 306
    This is sweet!
  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,849
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    Winning Fantasy Football Championships is easier without pants on.
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    Good stuff. Ah we knew you when. @Smitty 😀
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    I wish I saw this live, that's amazing @Smitty .
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    That is pretty cool...
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