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2021 QB class

footballchixfootballchix Posts: 1,050

I am trying to evaluate the 2021 QB class.Teams continue to reach on QB's every draft ex Tua, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, D Haskins in hopes finding that franchise guy and taking advantage of the rookie contract. I am currently not excited about any of them but considering the 49ers trade away two first and a third to move up to #3. I need to have a real look. I hoping the 49ers trade out of the pick with a desperate team giving them a haul once the Jets decide on what they want to do with Darnold (overrated out of college ).

Trevor Lawernce- Very good arm. I do not see generational talent. He's not better than Watson coming out of college. He will be a Jag with Urban Meyer.
Trey Lance- impressive stats. level of competition a concern. accuracy a concern. He is the type of guy that probably would have gone later in the draft a decade ago.
Davis Mills- looks decent but he's a project and not an immediate starter.
Justin Fields- I think he is a good college level QB. I cannot understand the hype for this type of QB. Goes with his first read A LOT.
Zach Wilson-Great arm. Great release. level of competition a concern. Can he handle an NFL pass rush?
Mac Jones-I think he might turn out to be very good starter. Surround by star power in college.

D.Watson. Tua T
J Jacobs. C Carson. R Mostert. D Henderson.T Pollard. L Fournette
T Hill. J Jefferson. Ceedee Lamb. Chase Claypool. J Edelman. M Hardman.
Mark Andrews. C Kmet
Steelers. Dolphins.
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