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Trevor Lawrence can be a top ____ QB as a rookie?

SmittySmitty Posts: 9,570
Slot him
- Smitty


  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,765
    20. Eventually he'll be top 10, maybe higher.
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  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 13,611
    Top 15, Minchew produced well. Trev has the weapons, and a solid run game to rely on. Jags will be trailing nearly every game so the garbage points will be their. Much like Burrows of last year.
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  • TripleThreatTripleThreat Posts: 960
    Top 15
  • fantasyislifefantasyislife Posts: 297
    Top 10.
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 9,570
    I think he leads JAC to 8-10 wins 👀
    - Smitty
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 9,570
    With the run game, other additions tba, underrated wrs.. this team will be solid.
    - Smitty
  • fantasyislifefantasyislife Posts: 297
    This is another Luck, RG3, Cam Newton type of rookie year we’ll see. I’m buying everywhere, dynasty and redraft.
  • IcemanIceman Posts: 7,731
    Ya top 15ish
  • chaindog35chaindog35 Posts: 518
    Top 10. If Herbert can do it, I think Lawrence can too.
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