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Akers or Dobbins

Sleeper U,

Was curious the opinion of this site who is the better long term investment? Akers or Dobbins? I am searching for a RB for next year for team in Sig 1 below

The team is WR heavy with only Henry and Mixon as the RB, It is a Franchise tag league so most likely I will have to trade K. Allen

The owner who owns both Dobbins and Akers is WR needy, I was thinking of starting a offer for either RB of K. Allen and Claypool. Who is the better investment?

Team #1 QB - Watson
RB- D. Henry, Bell, Mixon, C. Edmonds, Mattisson, Gurley
WR - M. Thomas, K. Allen, Sheppard, Fuller, M. Brown, Dionte Johnson
TE - Kittle, J. Smith, Geseki, I. Smith

Taxi Squad: T. Higgins, Claypool, Herbert

Requirements: 1 QB/2-4 RB/1-4 WR/1-3 TE/1 DEF, 1 PPR


  • Doobie_SnacksDoobie_Snacks Posts: 4,877
    I'd prefer Akers. Dobbins might be the safer pick as we don't know how the Rams offense might change with Stafford.
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  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 13,504
    Is it a ppr league? Both aren't known for catching. But Akers dud dominate the touches at years end. However Dobbins scored in almost every games down the stretch. I'd give the edge to Akers due to touches. But its close. Formats may be the swing
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