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T Smith or Claypool?

In the semi's. M Thomas officially placed on IR, thus elevating T Smith. NO facing KC with Brees back. Poss high scoring game?? Or Claypool in possible get right game for Pittsburgh vs Cincy??

Start Smith over Claypool at flex??

Start - 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 flex (rb,wr,te), 1te, 1k, 1def

Standard, non ppr league. 1pt for 10yd, 6pt per td


Here's my team

QB Jackson, Big Ben
RB Connor, Snell, Sanders, Akers, Gibson
WR AJ Brown, Ridley, Claypool, Crowder, T Smith, Coutee
TE Hurst, Reed
K Koo, Tucker
DEF Pittsburgh


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