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Hey, all. Starting today, 11/28/2020, I vow to post/reply at least 100 times per month (10-20 times per day). If I don't, hold me accountable and call me out. I'm back on the forums full-time, and I ain't going anywhere. - Smitty

Week 11 TE and Defense Help

We are a Abysmal 4-6 with 3 other Teams and a Last Place Team with a 2-8 Record. Need to go 2-1 to make Playoffs. Choose my Week 11 TE and Defense

Hunter Henry vs NYJ he scored last week and gets 7+ targets matchup is good

Jared Cook vs Atl Atl #31 vs TE Cook gets few targets
Does Jameis help Cook

Chargers vs Jets Great matchup at Home just can't trust the Chargers D. Is this the week

Minnesota vs Dal Great matchup they helped win my game last week Secondary is Improving


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