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Michael Thomas

I just had a trade for Michael Thomas accepted in redraft. DJ Moore and Nyheim Hines (rb desperate team).

It made me think it's time to discuss his value. So far in 2020 Michael Thomas has failed to score as much as he AVERAGED last year in ppr. He's dealt with multiple injuries, team discipline and now has lost his HOF qb.


He's still good, right? And now he'll have a qb for a few games that will look downfield more often and isn't afraid to toss the ball up to his favorite receivers.

Add that to the Saints' upcoming schedule and I think Michael Thomas is a very depressed asset with the ability to jump into becoming a top 10 wr from here on out. Their remains games are as follows:


I still question whether his ankle is 100 percent, but you can use that to create more doubt about his potential moving forward.

So how are Thomas owners feeling? What would you be willing to trade him for? What would you be willing to trade for him?


  • PDTDTPDTDT Posts: 722
    I was thinking that this morning, the Thomas owner lost his active QB with brees landing on IR too so was thinking I could get him for a steal.
    I wouldn't sell the farm but who knows.
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  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 13,081
    Either he's being black balled by his team for sucker punching a teammate. Or he's still injured. Somethings not right
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  • WTCM said:

    Either he's being black balled by his team for sucker punching a teammate. Or he's still injured. Somethings not right

    High ankle injuries take a while to heal from. See Saquon and Kamara last year. Also Ryan Shazier painted him as an ahole from the time he was at OU, so I don't doubt everyone could be getting tired of his act. I think it's most likely the injury plus Brees/scheme that has been keeping him down.
  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,515
    Assuming his ankle is okay, and Winston will be at QB, I think he goes back to being a WR1. Fingers crossed.
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