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Mike Williams WR Chargers

G_MenG_Men Posts: 3,190
I never really paid attention to the guy, I remember him being inconsistent at times when he wasn’t out with an injury.

His playmaking ability during a prime time game once Keenan Allen went out last week took me by surprise, so I started watching highlights.. I saw elite talent highlight reels.

My first thought is if Keenan Allen misses time he becomes a top 12 WR. But what’s his value now? If he’s finally healthy and has a fresh arm throwing him contested balls where he thrives, does anyone expect more consistency? Curious to hear your thoughts. His talent seems vastly underrated.


  • Doobie_SnacksDoobie_Snacks Posts: 3,997
    Mike Williams talent has never been questioned as he has it. The problem has been volume and staying healthy. He had Rivers as a QB that loved throwing to RBs, Allen and tight ends. This all depends on Herbert and it's to soon to know if he will become a favorite target of his.
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  • chuckeycharleschuckeycharles Posts: 6,684
    He had a huge game last year too. I know I hated having to let him go at keeper declaration right before one of my rookie / free agent drafts.
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