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Bell & Fournette Price Tags in Dyno

What would you be willing to give up in draft picks Or Receive in picks for these 2 Running Backs?

12-team ppr.

Thinking of buying Bell (2nd Rd)& selling Fournette (2nd Rd)?


  • TBLTBL Posts: 873
    Honestly I would value Bell as a late 1st and I would have a hard time selling Fournette for a 2nd. I have a feeling he will have some RB2 upside in this offense once they get him rolling.
  • TBLTBL Posts: 873
    That being said, I could never give a 1st for earthed so I’m not much help I guess
  • I would say a 2nd rounder. I would not pay a 1st for either of them...
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