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Ertz, ARob for Hill?

.5 ppr, 3 point bonus at 100 yards

QB Kyler Murray
RB Alvin Kamara
RB Nyheim Hines
WR Deandre Hopkins
WR O'Dell Beckham Jr
WR Allen Robinson
TE Zach Ertz*
Flex DJ Moore
K Zane Gonzalez
DST Saints

Keenan Allen*
Preston Williams
Tony Pollard*
Tarik Cohen
Joshua Kelley
Dallas Goedert
TJ Hockenson
Tre'quan Smith
Jamal Williams

ARob, Ertz, Pollard
Tyreek Hill, Deebo Samuel

I think it's a steep price, but with Goedert and Hockenson as my TEs Ertz is expendable.



  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 3,077
    I like it.. I’d rather have Beckham as a flex than a WR2
  • Good trade with the team you have :)
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  • I pulled the trigger. I hate to see those guys go, but I talked myself into the trade making sense just for Hill. With Deebo coming back in the second half it should give me that depth back.

    And with Ertz and Robinson both upset with management, even if they are traded into better situations, I'd still want to sit them a week or two before they get integrated.

    I doubt either gets traded (especially robinson) but if they do ive put myself into a good position. Plus now I get to scrape the FA barrel and maybe get lucky.
  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 3,077
    I think Beckham gets traded, tough to rely on that
  • I moved Tyreek for Metcalf and Jeudy a week ago. =)
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • In dynasty though.
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • I moved Tyreek for Metcalf and Jeudy a week ago. =)

    That'll be a trade that gets better for you over time. For now Tyreek is unlike any other player in the league as has a qb that can exploit it. Last year his stats weren't any thing special, but more than any one in the league, he can score a 60+ td any time the defense makes a mistake.
  • I find Tyreek a bit hit and miss and got a bit frustrated with that. Was happy to get the return I got as I needed more WR depth.
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • Trade processed and I was able to IR Deebo and pick up Bryan Edwards and Logan Thomas so I'm feeling pretty good about it all.
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