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Weekly NFL MVP Watch

Top 10 after week 1:

1. Wilson - Wilson is going to have a MONSTER year and in my opinion Seattle is the team to beat in the NFC
2. Jackson - The whole offense revolves around "8 the great"
3. Rodgers - Granted, MIN D is not good this year, but no denying he looked sharp. Underrated WR corps. GB is not a playoff team without ARod
4. Roelthlisberger - Perhaps the most important player to his team in the whole league
5. Mahomes - Thursday was the first time in the Reid/Mahomes era that the Chiefs had more run plays than pass. Change of identity could hurt his chances
6. Allen - Similar to Jackson, that Bills offense revolves around Allen. Allen is my dark horse to win the award
7. Jacobs - Super talented. Without Jacobs, the Raiders offense would struggle mightily
8. Adams - Opens up that GB attack. Easily the most double teamed WR in the league
9. Murray - Cards will ride and die with Murray, meaning he'll have great games and others he'll flop. Reason why he's a little lower on this list
10. Newton - If Cam can keep this up (which i personally don't think so), he'll be right up there in the discussion

just missed the cut:
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