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Mock Draft with Followers on Zoom

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Below is a 2020 Mock Draft, but one I did on a random Zoom call with followers. It was fun, it was kinda all over the place, but it came out pretty solid (minus a few early picks like Thielen, Singletary, etc.). Comment below with your thoughts!

This is not my mock, know that.

Round 1
1.01 - Saquon Barkley - I agree with this, but it's obviously arguable.
1.02 - Christian McCaffrey - Most everyone's 1.1.
1.03 - Ezekiel Elliott - Cuff him to Pollard and he may be the safest RB in fantasy given he had Covid19 already.
1.04 - Alvin Kamara - With Lat Murray, he is near as safe as any RB in fantasy.
1.05 - Dalvin Cook - You have zero excuse not cuffing him to Mattison, which locks you into top 6RB #s.
1.06 - Derrick Henry - In PPR, I can see bumping him 3 or 4 spots.
1.07 - Josh Jacobs - Without more PPR work, which I am near certain he will get, he can earn top 12 overall value. Safe!
1.08 - Michael Thomas - He slips only because people fear RB drop off. It's understandable.
1.09 - Kenyan Drake - I Have had him here quietly all off-season.. People are catching up, it sucks!
1.10 - Austin Ekeler - As safe as Jacobs given he, too, like Jacobs, will see all kinds of new usage.
1.11 - Tyreek Hill - Understandable.
1.12 - Davante Adams - Hard to argue this.
Round 2
2.01 - Miles Sanders - Too high for me. He makes a fine late 2nd-round pick, but this leaves little room for upside.
2.02 - Nick Chubb - Try your best to cuff to Hunt. I like him here, I am fading him a tad near 7-12 overall (because of Hunt).

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- Smitty


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